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The ideal gift for the person who has everything

From the world of Star Wars.

Maybe Samizdata’s own Paul Marks could get one and send a death ray in the general direction of the Economist.

14 comments to The ideal gift for the person who has everything

  • Mr Ed

    Mr Marks would not wish ill to the Economist, I am sure he only wishes that it be reasonable, consistent and honest about its positions, so it might rebrand as, say, ‘The Leftist’.

    The real mystery about the Economist is how it manages to sustain itself. i suspect that most of the blog advert revenue is driven by sock puppets, Spambots and our dear friend, playing a bloggers version of Bash the Mole.

  • Paul Marks

    Alas yes Mr Ed – alas yes.

    Although even the Economist has its good side – a side that is more like Bill Clinton than Barack Obama.

  • Gary Poteat

    I read the Economist regularly for years. Finally, after reading one too many articles about how a trace atmospheric gas that is one of the three most basic essentials for all life was the greatest threat to the ecosystem since the ‘dinosaur killer’ meteorite strike, I had enough.
    (The endorsement of Fearless Leader in the 2008 election didn’t help.)
    I called their subscription service and asked for a refund of the remaining 2 years of my three years subscription and explained that I could no longer face seeing the stupid headlines on the front cover as I carried each issue from the mailbox directly to the trash. To their credit, they sent me a check for the balance.
    They may be editorially brain dead but they do have good customer service.

  • Sigivald

    “First, get a galactic empire…”

  • dfwmtx

    Ah, but were those contractors also union workers? If yes, it’s all good.

    And how much of the trillions in budget includes graft, kickbacks, bribes, hush money, and slush fund padding?

  • M. Thompson

    For a few years there’s been a Haynes Manual for the Trekkies, and one for the Millenium Falcon and her sisters.

    For those who don’t know, Haynes Manuals are common aftermarket repair guides for cars in the US. Many are written with at least dealer cooperation, and feature a complete tear down and rebuild of the car.

  • bloke in spain

    “The book is the latest in a series of Owner’s Workshop Manuals for fictional vehicles to be published by Haynes. ”
    Must be the series that started with the Austin Allegro.

  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    How about a silencer for the light-saber? That buzzing noise would get annoying very fast!

  • Jake Haye

    In case there are any Star Wars fans who still haven’t seen it, I do recommend Red Letter Media’s detailed dissection of The Phantom Menace, which is hilarious and devastating in equal measure.

  • Regional

    To make you Londoners feel envious, it’s a balmy 32ºC in Wagga Wagga, Astraya

  • Laird

    What is 32ºC in real temperature?

  • Mr Ed

    Or, more properly 305.15K.