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Loving the Aussies even more

At first I thought that Tim Blair’s account of the outrageous behaviour of the Australian delegates to the Warsaw UN climate conference was written for laughs. I duly laughed. Then I followed the links. It’s all true; the snacks … the T-shirts … the pyjamas. Then of course my laughter was replaced by profound sorrow at the disgrace brought upon a once-respected nation by its so-called representatives*.

*While acknowledging the limited validity of concerns about health and safety of delegates in late night negotiations.

7 comments to Loving the Aussies even more

  • Mr Ed

    Right, definitely a high Aussie content to next month’s Chardonnay ration in my household.

    I like the abattoir workers’ attitude, it reminds me of a story I heard about Brian Micklethwait of this parish, that as a student he went to visit some Moonies (reportedly a brainwahing cult at that time) and allegedly Brian sat on their sofa and talked and talked and refused to leave when asked, pointing out that he had been asked there to talk about matters, even moving onto predestination, so the Moonies called the police in their terror of Brian’s words.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I guess one’s love for the Aussies depends on which side you are on in the Ashes cricket contest now unfolding. (Trying to provoke Michael Jennings.)

  • Michael Jennings

    What’s to be provoked about, given the splendidness of the cricket in question?

  • William O. B'Livion

    I spent a couple years down under, and there’s a lot to admire.

    If they’d just get their heads right on Gun Control it would be an awesome place to live. Well, that and keep the shops open past 1730.

  • I guess one’s love for the Aussies depends on which side you are on in the Ashes cricket contest now unfolding.

    What about people who don’t give a crap about cricket either way? :-p

  • No one is forcing them to read this?

  • Regional

    Yous Englanders don’t take offence but your Krikit Team is regarded as the Great Satan as a good natured jibe, we pretty much hold every one in contempt even ourselves.