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Saturday night strangeness – Hitler before his Downfall

The bloke who posted this describes it as,’The same scene everyone knows, except it is from a film called “Hitler: The Last Ten Days” starring Alec Guinness.’ Presumably both this film and Der Untergang followed Traudl Junge’s diaries quite closely for this scene.

1 comment to Saturday night strangeness – Hitler before his Downfall

  • Mr Ed

    My favourite Downfall parody is the one where the ‘star’ phones an Indian call centre, having had a strikingly similar experience with BT a few years ago.

    A British lady I know who was a child in the War grew up with a terrible fear of Hitler, lasting well past the end of the War into her early 20s, until she saw Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, when for the first time she laughed at Hitler and her fear vanished.

    Shame that Chaplin made no similar film about Stalin, but the Party would have disapproved.