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Watching the three party leaders arguing shamelessly over energy bills and climate-change policies is, at points, jaw-dropping. While Cameron mocks Miliband’s proposed energy freeze and points out that in the last Labour government he was the energy secretary who piled extra costs on to consumers, the Tory leader backed Miliband’s green policies at the time and has continued in a similar vein in office. That means that successive governments have been very slow to respond to warnings about Britain’s looming energy crisis

Iain Martin

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  • CaptDMO

    Is it true that “England” sort’a ran out of trees suitable for the shipbuilding industry to perpetuate “da Gub’mint” expansion program?
    Is it true that coal became the “energy source” of choice because of that?
    Is it true that “England” had once named certain “appointed” trade practitioners?
    Is it true that the aisle in Parliament is designated as
    “two sword lengths wide”? (depends on the length of ones sword I suppose)
    Is it true that whale/slut oil-extending the workday with light, became an “issue” without outside sources?
    French Revolution. Didn’t work out so good.
    Russian “defenestration”. Didn’t work out so good.
    Liberian “freedom” community. Didn’t work out so good.
    (&cet., ad nauseam)
    “American” Tea Party. Messy, to be sure. Worked out fairly well for a while. We drink coffee now, at special shops, shipped in from “exotic” places. Um….wait, isn’t that…..?
    We have astonishingly expensive “green” electric cars.
    “Running” on batteries made by…um…, well, powered by the “extra” electricity that will come from….um,
    Wait,… WHAT?

  • Cynwulf

    Someone care to decode CaptDMO’s comment for us poor civilians?

  • It is a pretty clear case of both too much and not enough caffeine.

  • Laird

    I think CaptDMO is the reincarnation of James Joyce. There must be something of worth in there if we can just tease it out.

  • Very retired

    It’s not an energy crisis any more than our wrecked economies are the result of an actual economic crisis—these problems, and many more, are the intellectual and moral bankruptcies resulting from the fraudulent ponzi scheme the tranzi political class have been running for most of the last century.

    The progressive claim at end of the19th century was that an expert ruling elite could manage the diverse elements of a modern society and construct a paradise of progress, equality, and freedom from want, both material and spiritual.

    For the past century, we have endured one variation of “planned utopia” after another, and it has been a grotesque carnival of incompetence, corruption, repression, violence, and shattered dreams.

    We are now approaching the end game of this pathetic charade, and the desperation of the imploding elites is palpable, and ominous. They cannot admit, or accept any hint, that their ideas are irrational, their policies counter-productive, and that their promises are not only unfulfilled, but impossible to ever succeed.

    Therefore, the venom and viciousness of their scapegoating and evasions of responsibility will only increase, and their urge to resort to extra-legal measures will become irresistible to them.

    These are perilous times.

  • Pardone

    Given the foreign energy companies are rolling in profits, there is no energy crisis, as they can easily afford to invest in whatever is needed to ameliorate said crisis.

    There’s certainly no need for any government infrastructure frippery.

    There is no crisis, just the vested interests of corporate welfare piggies aching for the trough.