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Samizdata quote of the day

The message is clear – grovel and enjoy your genitals being groped or face arrest.

Paul Joseph Watson

I am rather leery of many of the things on that site but just listen to the embedded video.

6 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Monty

    This branch of airport security theatre must be attracting all the perverts in America.

  • Dishman

    The biggest horn-dog I’ve ever known used to work for TSA…

    He quit because it left him feeling unclean.

    Consent was a big deal for him. The ones who stayed weren’t so big on consent.

  • thefrollickingmole

    Ive worked where Ive had to do pat downs/scans on people, it was shitty having to do it once a month or less, I cant imagine having to do it all day every day..

    That said there needs to be some organised push back against this, how would a private airport “opt out” of this crap? Or is it impossible?

  • Each airport has the right to opt out of direct operation by the TSA Gate Gropers.


    Another alternative that I go for is to stay out of the US.

  • Paul Marks

    The government staff grope people in supposedly private airports – whilst letting Islamists walk straight by (we must not “profile”).

    The government schools (State and local government) ban toy guns – and even war games in the school yard.

    And the public just whine – they DO nothing.

    It Americans had been like this in 1776, Lord North would have won ten times over.

    Such things as “Public Education” have corrupted and destroyed the public.

    That was obvious as long ago as 1936 – where a man who used the Constitution of the United States for toilet paper was re elected by 60% of the vote.

  • Sigivald

    Even InfoWars, like Hitler, can’t always get everything wrong.

    It can come pretty close, but can’t quite manage it.