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I always said this would happen eventually

Mongolian neo-Nazis rebrand themselves as environmentalists.

9 comments to I always said this would happen eventually

  • M. Thompson

    Red, green, brown, black, all totalitarian.

  • Mr Ed

    “The reason we chose this way is because what is happening here in Mongolia is like 1939, and Hitler’s movement transformed his country into a powerful country,” he said.

    Perhaps news of ‘Bomber’ Harris and his transformation of Germany didn’t reach far into Mongolia. (Link is a 1989 drama documentary, part two of eight).

    Just another bunch of thugs and thieves.

  • I vividly remember a gang of Swiss neo nazis back in 1975 proclaiming their love of nature and the environment.

    “Pure nature for the pure bloods”

  • Paul Marks

    The National Socialist movement was always Green.

    Which is why it is amusing that the modern German Greens think they grew out of Marxism – they did not, Karl Marx did not care about environmental matters. Adolf Hitler on the other hand…..

    By the way there is a big difference between being a conservationist and being a Green. A traditional conservationist puts their trust in private property and voluntary cooperation – a Green thinks of the environment as a collective matter (a matter for the Volk).

  • Paul Marks

    Germanic racism and environmentalism (in the Green collective sense) go back long before Hitler – he grow out of a movement that went back a century before him, and a racialist and environmentalist movement that influenced nonGermans (such as T. Roosevelt – although some others were a lot worse than him).

  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    Hitler was an early vegan- what else did people expect? Those vegetarians are the worst!! (I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s a nice ‘fact’ to trot out when you meet a rabid vegan!)

  • Snorri Godhi

    Why model yourself on a loser like Hitler when Mongolia had a homegrown winner? and he and his gang were no vegans either!

  • Snorri, the original Mongol homeboy depended a lot on voluntary cooperation and mutual consent. No model for modern times.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Hm. What did said Mongolian provide in the way of incentives for voluntary cooperation, so as to get mutual consent?

    Paul, you remind me yet again of my childhood and Life on the Farm. In particular, at one point there were drainage problems that affected the fields of several adjacent farms. The farmers got together to fix things. Don’t remember whether they did all the work themselves or hired some of it out, and it doesn’t matter. The township (even the rural areas are in this or that “township”) and the county weren’t involved at all, I think. Except maybe for permitting the work to be done.

    (Traditional) Soil Conservation was considered very important; we learned about it in school, in the standard textbooks, terraced planting on slopes, crop rotation, so forth. And, of course, in 4-H, because some of the kids naturally had crop-raising as their project.