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Samizdata quote of the day

We need to get people of all races, colours, and creeds to come together and agree with Sharon Kyle.

Jim Treacher is not impressed by the Netroots Nation 2013 version of “diversity”.

David Thompson also likes the bit with this sentence in it.

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  • Paul Marks

    Most young people in California are hispanic – yet this crowd (like all the future society shows from supposedly “pro diversity” Hollywood, a white enclave in an hispanic city,) were overwhelmingly white.

    A lot of young white student types from wealthy families (poor whites, “Rednecks”, do not tend to get to go to college [no matter how intelligent they are – government intervention has made college vastly too expensive for Rednecks to go] – college students tend to be either from well off white families or are nonwhite – in by various schemes that have existed since the 1960s), demanding “Social Justice” – i.e. demanding that their own families be looted (and killed?) to fund even more services for people who would cut their hearts out (if anyone doubts that statement they need only drive from the Netroots conference to, say, South Central L.A. and…..).

    The United States has not really been murdered – it is just committing suicide.

    There are plenty of decent “minorities” (ironically one can find a more black and brown faces at some Tea Party events than at the Netroots conference) – but those are not the people the Netroots people love (on the contrary – they hate decent “minorities”, ask them what they think of Ted Cruz) they love only the people who want “Social Justice” – i.e. the people who want to loot their families and cut their hearts out (the Street Gangs, the unions, and so on).

    Modern “Progressivism” is a suicide cult – it really is.

    Why does not evolution deal with this?

  • Julie near Chicago

    An interesting way to put it, Paul.

    I have a question that might be pertinent to this, which is, Has anyone read John Brunner’s novel The Traveller in Black? And if so, what did you think of it?

  • Julie near Chicago

    Memo to Miss Kyle: You wrote,

    “Although Netroots touts itself as being an incubator for ideas that challenge the status quo, judging from the racial make-up of the NN13 attendees, lack of diversity is one status quo that didn’t seem to be challenged enough.”

    It seems to me that if you can’t distinguish between ideas and race, your problem is not lack of diversity, but lack of brains.

  • poppa india

    Evolution will deal with it, just takes a time, too long for us to be here to see the result. And the process might be so unpleasant that we would be happy not to see it.