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Samizdata quote of the day

David Cameron’s position is that he is trying to persuade the Golf Club to play tennis, but that if they refuse, he will continue to play golf.

– Michael Forsyth, on Daily Politics today, describing the posture of the Prime Minister with regard to the European Union.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • RAB

    President Barroso, he shouts “Fore”…

    He’s an ex Maoist by the way. Er, is there such a thing? He also says that there will be a Federal United States of Europe within five years.

    And iDave expects us to believe that he can re-negotiate our entire relationship with the EU and then expects us to vote FOR his new deal. Wilson pulled that one in 1975. We got fuck all back and deeper in the shit that is Europe. We won’t fall for that one again.

    Out! Out Now!!

  • Mr Ed

    Mr Forsyth isn’t quite right. The plan is to persuade the golf club to let one member play tennis on the golf course whilst the others carry on with their sport.

    The latest referendum offer from Mr C was not of a referendum on EU membership, but rather a conditional offer of a referendum in the event that Mr C succeeded in his efforts at renegotiating membership. It was only then that there would be referendum, not on membership, but on the options of the status quo ante, or whatever option B had been agreed through negotiation by Mr C. The phrase ‘not worth a bucket of warm spit’ comes to mind.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes indeed – RAB and Mr Ed.

    There is no chance that “our partners” will agree to return fundemental powers to the United Kingdom (the EEC-EU is, and always has been, about “Ever Closer Union”).

    Mr Cameron knows this.

  • Dale Amon (Belfast, Northern Ireland/Laramie, Wy)

    So, if the UK reneges, what are they going to do? Invade? Even in its current sad state the UK could take on anything the euroweenies could throw over the channel. I suspect the limits of their attacks and their most deadly armament would be something similar to that of the frenchman on the battlements in Monty Python. IN which case a few large fans would suffice 😉