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Life in China

And I also (see below) recommend this video. I won’t describe it at length. Suffice it to say, as David Thompson does say, that you need to watch it right to the bitter end. DT found it here, where viewers were also urged not to miss the end.

An early DT commenter declared that he saw how things would end right away, but I didn’t.

11 comments to Life in China

  • Ernie G

    Tim Blair linked to it as well, with the teaser “If you find this amusing,” emails David Thompson, “you’re a very bad person.”

    I guess I’m pretty bad.

  • Steven

    I was thinking “well, it least it isn’t one of those Chinese traffic cam videos that ends with a bloody smear and a truck driver shrugging his shou…whoa!”

  • Mr Ed

    Dear, dear, well, well.

  • veryretired

    I’ve had days like that, but the hole wasn’t quite so deep—

  • Paul Marks

    For once in my life I feel competent and well coordinated.

  • Mr Ed

    At least the pillion passenger was smart enough to get off after the first incident.

  • My thoughts are that that is either a very good fake or the guy was seriously off his face.

  • He had what, three accidents of increasing seriousness prior to the final? I vote for bad driver and drunk

  • mike

    That sort of thing happens in China and Taiwan even without people being drunk; it may simply have been a combination of tunnel vision, short-sightedness and rushing to get somewhere.

  • Rob

    I thought some sort of Godzilla-like monster was going to rise from the hole. Seriously disappointing

  • James Waterton

    This is quite extraordinary, but it’s to be expected. I’ve seen so many examples of brain boggling stupidity on the roads in China that, considering the large number of people that live there verses the relatively high number of traffic clusterfucks that take place…something like this is bound to happen. At some point. Probability is a harsh mistress.

    I remember being in a company bus being transported at relatively high speed down a motorway….ooops! Brake, brake, brake. Someone in front of us had missed their off-ramp, and despite the fact they were in the inside lane of a four lane high speed motorway where cars drove at 100kph/60mph+, thought it necessary to grind to a halt and reverse up the inner lane of a high speed motorway until he got back to his off-ramp. Then he did a 90 degree turn, blocking all lanes of the motorway, causing at least two near misses…but he made it! Thank god! I almost died, but those 15 minutes I just saved with my wife and kid in the back were priceless!

    Point is, this kind of thing, multiplied by a billion+ times, in varying degrees of severity every day, will at some point result in this kind of interesting traffic mishap.