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Mrs Thatcher clones

An unexpected pleasure, leftists chocking at the sight of people celebrating Margaret Thatcher, has just got even better.

The Daily Mail informs us that the “Thatcher haircut” is the rage in central London, with one salon claiming to be overwhelmed by demand.

Italian-born Christina Bellucci, 37, a digital consultant, said she felt the look reflected a modern attitude.

‘This is a strong style and gives me authority,’ she said.

‘When I walk out the door I feel a few inches taller, it gives me power without sacrificing any of my femininity.’

7 comments to Mrs Thatcher clones

  • Mr Ed

    Schadenfreude is an emotion of the losing side, we should acknowledge the hegemony of the Left as the political reality, but every sign that their hold on the cultural narrative is failing one fewer brick in the wall.

  • Antoine Clarke (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)

    Schadenfreude is an emotion of the losing side

    I disagree. It’s the equivalent of Liverpool supporters asking “Can we play you every week?” when their team is winning 6-0 against Newcastle United.

  • Laird

    I was never particularly fond of Mrs. Thatcher’s hairstyle, but it is amusing to see it making a comeback.

  • RAB

    The eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe…

    Now the hair of Boudicca. You didn’t want to mess with Maggie. 😉

  • Mr Ed

    @ Antoine, I would have categorised the football reaction as glee, rather than gloat, which is close to Schadenfreude. The tide of statism advances relentlessly at present, but if political reality does not make it turn, by our ideas prevailing, then economic reality shall in the end. Once the Left lose the Kulturkampf, then their grip on the State shall weaken, and then the State shall weaken too.

    I hope.

  • Paul Marks

    All true Mr Ed (and the others).

    However, I do not think I will be rushing to have a wig fitted…..

  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    Is it true that a roundabout in Poland is going to be named after Margaret Thatcher? I read that it was because on a roundabout, you don’t need to make U-turns.