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I despair.

Allister Heath

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  • Johnathan Pearce


  • RAB

    We’re way past despair, and into the Slough of Despond…

  • I was asked last night whether, as the organiser of a libertarian event, I felt the burden of responsibility for keeping morale high. I said I didn’t, but it’s obvious someone needs cheering up.

    As it goes, nobody was on shots last night so morale cannot be that bad.

  • Laird

    I sometimes allow myself to fall into despair, but that’s not my normal state so it doesn’t last. There’s very little in this world I can do much about, so I try to maintain a relaxed attitude and go with the flow. What will be, will be; what is, is. Very zen. My mantra is “I am a leaf on the wind.” Helps keep me sane. (And yes, I am quite aware of what happened to Wash at the end!)

  • Same here, Laird.

  • I am puzzled why Allister Heath fell into despair only so recently. Did he forget to renew his Prozac prescription?

    Or perhaps he has not read a newspaper since 2005, when David Cameron slithered out from under some rock where he had basked in the well deserved obscurity of Tory politics.

    Because if he had, every phrase that has ever passed Cameron’s lips has shown that this was the man of towering mediocrity that Britain’s voters truly deserve. The Stupid Party offered up a man who promised to continue Gordon Brown’s legacy, just a wee bit less so, and that is exactly what we have seen.

    But none of this should have come as a surprise.

    Or perhaps Allister Heath just wasn’t paying attention until last night.

  • Paul Marks

    The media (with a few exceptions – such as A.H.)normally present things as a conflict between a hard core free market Mr Cameron and friends – and their moderate foes, who just want to help the economy (unlike the evil rick Tory folk – who, supposedly, are cutting government spending out of a joy of putting people out of work and starving the poor, and having the sick die of cancer).

    It is all a fantasy. In reality Mr Cameron (and Mr Osbourne) support wild monetary expansion (which has undermined savings and turned the entire financial system into a load of junkies dependent on the junk from the Central Bank).

    And overall government spending had NOT been cut.

    “But tax cuts for the rich”.

    Actually sneaky little changes by Mr O. mean that the taxation of the wealthy has gone UP.

    And taxes on everyone else (for example the sales tax) has gone up on everyone else as well.

    “You always despair Paul – you are in love with death”.

    Perhaps so – but look at the position.

    A leftist government that fails (and discredits leftism) is one thing.

    But this is a leftist (social democrat) government – that is presented as hard core free market (the castle of the right – with a blue and white feudal banner on top).

    So when it fails……

    Still have no fear – unemployment is falling and there is a stock market boom (and even the property market is comming back).

    So Britain and the United States are going to do wonderfully.

    And the whole farce is not going to start falling apart in a couple of months – not even slightly.

  • RAB

    Serenity to you too Laird. It’s on the telly this very minute. Makes much more sense to me this time round. 😉

  • Regional

    Taxing for prosperity?

  • Laird

    RAB: 🙂

  • Lee Moore

    Like Perry de H and PM I am utterly mystified by the idea of despair at Cameron. He was selected as Conservative leader by the BBC – what more do you need to know ?