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Let’s hope Guido is right on this

I do certainly hope that Guido Fawkes is correct that Lord Leveson’s atrocious proposal for statutory regulation of the press gets no-where, particularly now that it seems some of the supporters of Leveson now realise what dangerous folly it is. Of course, I am not getting my hopes up too much, but it would be a relatively rare good piece of news from UK politics to see this idea shot down, hopefully for a long time.

Here are related thoughts of mine about the Leveson process.


3 comments to Let’s hope Guido is right on this

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    I never cease to wonder how all the same people who loudly proclaim their loathing and fear of the present Conservative government – and who almost as loudly proclaim their loathing and fear of most Labour governments as sellouts corrupted by power – push for more regulation. Who do they think will control the regulations?

  • Paul Marks

    Quite correct Natalie.

  • Julie near Chicago

    “I’ll think about it tomorrow,” she said.