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Kim Jong-un is looking at things, just like his father!

The Kim is dead, long look the Kim!

– commenter Alisa

15 comments to Stability

  • At least he’s better looking than his father, smiles more and has better taste in the woman who is alleged to be his wife.

    Don’t get me wrong, probably still just another evil twisted dictator with all of the paranoid delusions of grandeur of the old one, but at least some improvement.

    We’ll only see real improvement when China decides to have another revolutionary movement and North Korea REALLY goes bust.

    Time will tell.

    South Korea is BEST KOREA!

  • At least he’s better looking than his father

    You do have a peculiar taste in men, JG.

    As an aside, I doubt that he’ll last even as long as his father did: he already is much chubbier, and food seems to be the first thing he’s looking at.

  • You do have a peculiar taste in men, JG.

    Well, the Right Wing Bastions of Faggotry has a very limited membership, just me and PST at the moment.

    However, these things are also comparative. Kim Jung Un might not win the Mr. Universe competition, but compared to his father, who looked like a cross between a rat and an Ostrich, he’s positively Adonis-like.

  • Paul Marks

    “Proof that the Western capitalists lie – we have food in People’s Republic! You may have it scientifically tested if you wish.”

    Seriously – the Economist magazine had a front cover story about how North Korea is changing.

    I did not read the story (perhaps it is a wonderful story – full of evidence and insightful reasoning), in my bigoted way I just took it as evidence that North Korea is NOT changing.

    But I was depressed (and thus thrust deeper into a dim view of the E.M.) by the wretched American section of the magazine – full of drivil about government spending “cuts” in the United States (government spending is, of course, going UP). Proposed “cuts” are really “cuts in the increase”.

    This sort of error may not be in the North Korean league – but it does put me in nasty temper.

    “Determinism” – we give you the external stimuli and we can predict the results…….

    Not really.

  • Midwesterner (Wisconsin, USA)

    When I first saw that picture of Kim Jong-un, and each time while I was setting up and testing the article, I kept thinking “Caption Contest!!!”

  • Midwesterner (Wisconsin, USA)

    We call this one “Soylent Beige.”

  • Right Wing Bastions of Faggotry. I am so stealing this one:-)

  • RAB

    Ok Mid I’ll bite.

    KIm is saying…

    Horsemeat? Why are we eating our Cavalry??

  • Why are we eating our Cavalry??

    Because we are out of horses, Dear Leader.

  • nemesis

    Yes – very beige. Beige and no litter. That was the first thing that struck me on my first visit to Moscow about thirty years ago. The flotsam and jetsam of modern life you don’t notice until its not there.

  • Caption Competition:

    “But Dear Leader…this is just your entré”

  • One thing I noticed in the photos of the previous Great Looker and also in the pics of the present Dear Looker is how the heating never seems to be on. Always with those padded coats. They don’t even turn the heating on for him.

    Poor bastard. I mean it. He cannot have a normal human relationship.

  • RAB

    Didn’t the current Porker, er sorry Dear Leader, study for a while in the USA, and was considered a complete dork by his classmates who had no idea who he was related to? Big fan of Basketball by all accounts. Which is an improvement on his dad, who was a big fan of Bond films. He had the white cat and Mao suit and everything.

    KIm knows what the West looks like and what it can do, but he can’t tell the Nork people or they may literally go insane after all the lies that have been told them for the last 60 years. He is a prisoner of the Wacky hatted Generals who are really in charge as much as anyone else in his beknighted land. But he gets to eat all the pies.

  • Jacob

    Kim is saying:
    “Where’s the beef?!”