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There are some strange characters in Norfolk

Two men dressed as Oompa-Loompas – characters from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – are being sought by police in Norwich after an attack in the heart of the city.

The Daily Telegraph.


Look, I know that folk from East Anglia – where I come from – are used to being abused for being “in-bred” or having “webbed feet” and other silly nonsense, but to be accused of trying to commit crimes while dressed as Willy Wonka’s employees is a bit much. (Just in case anyone wonders, I am not making light of what might be a serious crime.)

Mind you, Norwich did used to have several chocolate factories. Oh well, it makes a change from reading about the US “fiscal cliff”. I promise to be a bit more productive on this site than I have been in recent months. 2012 was effing busy.

3 comments to There are some strange characters in Norfolk

  • Steven

    I’ve got some ways to avoid prison for you
    Dress like us when robbing a bank

    What do you get with your face on the cam?
    Eight to ten in gen-pop in slam.
    What made you think you could outrun the Cop on the beat?
    Now your prison-name is Sugar because your ass… is… so… sweet!

    You thought that you could beat the heat!

    Wear a disguise and you’ll get a pass!
    Eyewitnesses are accussed of drinking when they say they saw you
    Because who’ll ever believe they saw an Oompa-Loompa-Doompa-Dee-Doo!


  • Paul Marks

    I intend to depress you further J.P.

    As I am going to write about the fiscal mess.

    And draw a very nasty logical conculusion.

    And I mean VERY nasty – even by my normal standards.

    If logic leads one to a horrific conclusion one has to check one’s assumptions (as well as one’s reasoning), and check them again and again….

    But eventuaally one has to accept the logical conculsion.

  • Rob

    I lived there for a few years. Some days the smell of chocolate would hang over the city; on others a revolting smell from the Bernard Matthews plant.