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Alternative rubric

A Guardian blog commentator attacks the free-market right thus:

[A] criminally insane coterie of maladjusted right wingers – whose regular Pooteresque diatribes against the poor and craven support of neo-liberalism are beyond parody – that infests every political thread on the Guardian blog. Just listen as they condemn themselves out of their own incoherent foaming mouths. Their comments on the poor/disabled/unemployed, exposes the pathology of their neo liberal right wing extremism. Their attack on the NHS is no surprise – how could they not? The NHS stands as a symbol in opposition to everything these disturbed, juvenile, Ayn Rand fantasists and free market barbarians hold dear in their perverse belief system. These people are incapable or unwilling to understand a beloved institution that represents altruism, egalitarianism, self sacrifice and the humanistic collective will of an unselfish inclusive society.

This verminous, parasitic , parvenu, lickspittle, non empathetic sociopathic trash. These reductive whores of unfettered market driven, voodoo Social Darwinism, that wishes to reduce every aspect of humanity to mere units of production, who despise ordinary people, who see their only value, as an entry in a of profit and loss account – to be exploited by the human garbage that this sub-strata of humanity are, and the corporate fascism they serve. To read their comments is to see the true face of their malignant, cancerous moral degeneracy, and in that, they at least serve a purpose. Much like the gargoyles on a church spire, they represent a grotesque warning of how deformed ones humanity can become. These end of pier, amateur hour economists, these workhouse barbarians, these neo liberal whores are, “nothing more than errand boys sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill,” that we’ve already paid for in full. Long may they continue as a reminder of supreme idiocy and malevolence .

It won’t fit on a T-shirt, but maybe “verminous, parasitic , parvenu, lickspittle, non empathetic sociopathic trash” would.

42 comments to Alternative rubric

  • Jeff

    Altruism: Pointing a gun at your head to pay for someone else’s shit.

  • Sam Duncan

    …wishes to reduce every aspect of humanity to mere units of production, who despise ordinary people

    Funny… that’s how I see socialism.

    a beloved institution that represents altruism, egalitarianism, self sacrifice and the humanistic collective will of an unselfish inclusive society.

    That’ll be why NHS doctors on an average of £100k p.a. are agitating for more, then. Altruism and egalitarianism.

  • RAB

    Well fair enough, he spent a fair time polishing that rant up, didn’t he? Trouble is…

    “verminous, parasitic , parvenu, lickspittle, non empathetic sociopathic trash”

    Describes New labour and all they stand for, doesn’t it?

  • chuck

    Good illustration of how the once pacifist left came to murder 100 million and feel good about it. The utopian Communist party of William Morris and the young Benito Mussolini became a party of celebrated executioners and uncaring crusaders. Such is the human animal. It may look amusing in isolation, but in the mass it can be a terrible thing.

  • Paul Marks

    The Guardian and the system that it (and its handful of readers) believe in will soon be bankrupt.

    The objective nature of reality (including economic law – hat tip to Carl Menger in the “War of Method” with the German Historical School) will bring the fantasy world of the Guardian comment person crashing down.

  • Stephen Willmer

    I like it! I’m going to put it on my business card!

  • PaulM

    Ah yes, the NHS.

    So good that no other Country has ever copied it.

  • Jim

    What chuck said.

    That commenter is but a short bus ride from rounding up people he doesn’t like and herding them into camps.

    Rather sums up the history of socialism I guess. Its good to realise the motivations of the Left have not changed one iota over the last 100 years, and the fight for individual freedom is as critically important for all of our personal liberties today as it ever has been.

  • These end of pier, amateur hour economists…

    “End of pier”…?? Is that an allusion to Orwell’s The Road To Wigan Pier?

  • JohnB

    I have to agree with chuck.

    A tide of evil is building up as free minded people have relaxed in the freedoms partially won in the late ’70s and early ’80s.
    It is going to get nasty.

    Interesting to see the Guardian staff would allow such comment from those with which they agree.

  • JohnB

    sorry : whom!

  • Stonyground

    Regarding the NHS, don’t Sweden and Canada have national health-care? I thought that they did but I’m not completely sure. if so, does it take a different form to ours? Is it better or worse?

    Back to the OP. Despite moutains of evidence to the contrary, socialists seem to be convinced that their economic system will care for the poor people better than a successful free market economy would. Surely successful economies have fewer poor people to care for anyway. Members of socialist governments also tend to tell the plebs that their taxes are going toward creating a fairer society while, at the same time, shovelling as much tax money as they can into their own pockets and, into the pockets of their mates. When the expenses scandal was in the news, I seem to recall that someone produced a league table of the worst offenders. New Labour MPs were all up at the top. Presumably, the way to help poor people is by stealing from them.

  • I like “reductive whore of unfettered market driven, voodoo Social Darwinism” for a T shirt.

    Ah, the difference between the left and the right. The right has a sense of humour.

  • RAB

    Quite so Mike, the Right can relish and riff off the insults, that the left have laboured so hard to construct.

    The reference is to 4th rate variety performers who worked the Summer season at some of Britain’s lesser (sheesh and major for that matter!) Holiday resorts back in the 20’s to the 50’s, Sanity. Wigan Pier was Orwell’s little joke already; a small jetty used to unload coal.

  • Laird

    A wonderful explosion of invective. He probably had to buy a new keyboard after all that pounding, and the monitor was undoubtedly flecked with spittle as he triumphantly pressed the “send” button.

    A pity he exhausted his thesaurus and had to use “whores” twice, though.

  • Paul C

    Two words I use on all leftist. You pay.

    I’m on strike. I cheat, lie, hide and refuse. I advise others to do like wise. Every dollar not paid is a strike on the state and burdens those still collaborating.

  • JDN

    Wait a second, did he call me juvenile?! That’s the nicest thing I’ve been called in a long time (*blushing*)

  • Maz

    Note that the first two words are “criminally” and “insane”. These are the key words to demonise the wrong kind of thoughts, because if they catch on, we are either criminally liable, or mentally ill, and the authorities du jour can deal with us as such.

  • Regional

    The Left demonise people to justify robbing them.

  • Jaded Voluntaryist

    If indeed he is right and that those who oppose the big state are the embodiment of “malignant, cancerous moral degeneracy” then that should show through in their behaviour generally.

    Of course the reverse is actually true. The libertarians, the constitutionalists and the conservatives (in the states at least) have been consistently found to give more money to charity and to engage in more charitable behaviour than so called progressives, liberals and socialists.

    These altruistic empaths sure are mighty generous, but only with other people’s money….

  • Dishman

    “Sociopath” is 80+% genetic. These are human beings, and the Guardian is demonizing them for the nature of their birth. How very “inclusive”.


  • Jason

    For me it was:

    liberal right wing extremism

    Gotta love that bastard right wing extreme liberalism!

  • Allan Ripley

    Well, it’s not all bad. He has shown his bit to all five of his friends and is now a hero of the movement for, oh, 30 or 40 more seconds. Counting….

  • I think the gentleman’s screed could be summed up in one word “Kulaks”

  • Julie near Chicago

    Jaded brings up a question I’ve been wanting to ask….

    Just exactly how do we know conservatives et al. contribute more to charitable endeavors than do the “liberals”?

    I ask because, first, speaking as a distinctly conservative/libertarian-type person myself…I don’t bother to itemize my “charitable” giving unless I give some amount that’s going to make a huge difference in my deductible…only because $ 25 here and there, it’s hard to track and unless it’s by check or credit card you can’t prove it anyway. Then there are donations in goods, to Goodwill, to food pantries, whatever….

    Also, a lot of my “charitable giving” has been direct-to-the-beneficiary…such as helping out friends in financial need, etc. Stuff that wouldn’t be deductible anyway.

    How do we know this isn’t also true of a similar proportion of non-libertarian non-conservatives? i would tend to bet that it is. (Except in the “Obama gonna buy me gas!” bunch–and maybe even there. Just because you’re stupid or utterly uneducated, and perfectly willing to be a parasite on The Other, doesn’t mean you don’t give within your own tribe–yes?)

    And the other point is, the Tides or Ford Foundation (etc.) is a 501c(3)-deductible entity, so if they’re taking figures from tax returns, I’d think the big supporters of the Big Left foundations would skew the results so the Left would be reported as doing more charitable giving.

    So that’s why I wonder how the statistics are gathered.


  • Schrodinger's Dog

    He forgot to mention we on the right also eat live puppies.

  • I just want to say what a very good blog posting I think this is. As a summary of why those who detest everything that we here believe in and value, it is excellent, and very eloquent.

    I notice in particular an attempt to adopt the language of outraged respectability, used in an earlier time against people with opinions like those of this writer. “Lickspittle” and “parvenu” are particularly odd and antique. It’s almost like some outraged colonel in a club (the sort with, as earlier commenters have noted, definite fascistic sympathies), shouting into his gin and tonic, banging the floor with his walking stick.

    I recall writing a piece called Comrade Blimp. Yes, here it is.

  • Steven

    Paul C wrote:

    I’m on strike. I cheat, lie, hide and refuse. I advise others to do like wise. Every dollar not paid is a strike on the state and burdens those still collaborating.

    Thanks to deficit spending, those programs can still exist even if you don’t kick into the kitty. Sure, your grandkids will be left with figuring out how to pay for it, but you’ll be dead and gone by then so what do you care?

  • Steven

    I should clarify that my post was not about Paul C wanting to keep his money and not pay the taxman. I’m all for that. My post is about how thanks to deficit spending it doesn’t matter if the bank account is empty because those programs still exist, just with no idea how to pay for them except kick the can.

  • persiflage

    OH, those leftists. Projection seems to be well-nigh diagnostic for identification, doesn’t it?

    From a lifetime of observing my local population:
    The Left gains self-respect by holding the right attitude.
    The Right gains self respect by doing the right thing.
    There is no reconciling those differences.

    My $.02.

  • Tedd

    Rhetoric: the creative alternative to a rational argument.

  • BigFatFlyingBloke

    If you are reducing somebody to that level of invective then you are half way to winning the argument. People tend not to go down the “throw insults at the wall” road unless they don’t have a cogent argument against you.

  • RRS

    Y’all take that kind crap too seriously.

    It’s another can’t handle the messages, curse the messengers (no violence allowed).

    He too will pass; like gas.

    The seas will freeze and thaw, oceans rise and fall, folly follow famine.

    Few words of our times, will be thought to have merit in another.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Er, what would an empathic sociopath be, besides confused?

    In MY day we had to settle for “Yellow running lackey dogs of capitalist-fascist imperialism”… and we liked it!

  • veryretired

    Demonization is the first step toward criminalization.

    If you don’t understand how happy this guy and his friends would be to lock you up, or simply disappear you, you are too foolish to survive.

    And you probably won’t.

  • Maz

    I know you don’t like the Telegraph any more, but Janet Daley has a pretty good analysis today.


  • He forgot to mention we on the right also eat live puppies.

    No, that’s Obama.

  • Trespassers W

    Why on earth would you dignify a Guardian commenter with such attention?

  • Bruce

    Ah yes, the NHS.

    So good that no other Country has ever copied it.

    I think there are a few failing states in Europe who have given it a go. And the recently re-elected Obamination is about to “rectify” the U.S. situation in spades.

    And another thing; following up Laird:

    He probably had to buy a new keyboard after all that pounding,

    I suspect the keyboard was getting the lesser pounding.

  • Why on earth would you dignify a Guardian commenter with such attention?

    I did not write this article, Guy did, but if I had written it, I would reply “because doing so suits our aims.”

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The writer of this Guardian rant sounds as if he or she hasn’t’ gotten laid recently.

  • Joel

    My compliments to the UK. Your socialists are certainly more literate than ours (US). A typical blog comment from one of our socialists often reads “U R HITLER!” Nice work!