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You tax businesses, then give them the money back and call it a growth fund?

Eamonn Butler is not impressed by Lord Heseltine’s plans to stimulate the British economy.

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  • Heseltine was always an incoherent Health-Lite dickhead.

  • Clovis Sangrail

    No, it’s worse than that. You levy tax on all the businesses in order to acquire the stake to bet on some of them.

    Some people have described Heseltine as a witless, interventionist, bastard; but in matters as important as this, I don’t think you should use understatement.

  • RRS

    Having taken the time this a m to download the “full text” of this “epic,” and beginning (as always wise with anything from this kind of ego) with the summary points, I have to say PdH puts this in the proper category.

  • bradley13

    Well, of course! But your growth fund is only for your cronies, um, I mean, carefully selected worth businesses.

  • Paul Marks

    Corporate welfare and the discredited idea of Regional government (rejected, with contempt, even in the North East) the European Union dream of a “Europe of the regions”.

    “Hezza” is, of course, a stupid throw back to corporatist ideology (note to the “libertarian” left, Mussolini’s corporatism does not mean corporations in charge, it means GOVERNMENT in charge – just as with German “War Socialism” during the First World War, in the end even the favoured business enterprises lose NOT just their competitors).

    I heard Dr Butler on the BBC (I was surprised they invited him – but, if must be said, good of the BBC to allow some dissent) and he was argueing against a lady who insisted that a “plan” (government plan) was required – this person was described as a “businesswomen”.

    Dr Butler pointed out that it was a bit odd for business people to have so much time to sit on Regional govenrment committees and create such “plans” to control everything – would not a real business person have a business to run?

    Of course the whole idea of taxing business and then giving the money to favoured business enterprises is demented – it taxes the unpolitically connected for the benifit of the politically connected. And, in the end, even the politically connected lose out – as the economy collapses around them.

    But this is not just about “Hezza” – who appointed this vile man?

    The same person who appointed “Ken” Clarke.

    Mr David Cameron.

    The same Mr David Cameron who got defeated last night on the vote on the European Union (the arch corporatist ideology body) budget. Yet he will still go to some E.U. conference and try and make a “deal” with these enemies of the United Kingdom (indeed enemies of freedom everywhere).

    Someone who is a friend of “Hezza” and “Ken” Clarke is not any sort of free market, limited government person.

    And water is wet, and 1+1=2.

    Mr David Cameron must go.