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Not so long ago, politicians in both Britain and America were preparing for a political realignment. Labour was readying itself not just for defeat but annihilation, and the biggest surprise on election night was how many of its MPs were left still standing. Obama’s 2008 victory was accompanied by hubristic talk of a new Democrat era – but Republicans were back to take control of the House of Representatives two years later. The global debt crisis has created problems too big for any government, Left or Right, to solve easily. As a result, incumbents everywhere are vulnerable – and politics is becoming thrillingly unpredictable.

Fraser Nelson, who apparently has only just noticed which lizard get elected for being the lesser evil does not actually matter all that much when the choice is between getting fucked by Lizard A or buggered by Lizard B.

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Mike James

    Not trying to be overly pederantic, here, but can we have a clear distinction between the definitions of “fucked” and “buggered”?

  • Allan Ripley

    Mike, it all depends on your point of view. Literally.

    SI, perfect. just perfect.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Lizard A is heterosexual, and presumably supports motherhood and families, being so active in creating them. Thus A is pro-growth and good for the economy.
    Lizard B practices the homosexual act of buggary, and thus has no interest in motherhood, or growth, and would be bad for the economy.
    You can vote accordingly.

  • Allan Ripley

    Regretably, whether or not they espouse reproduction, they are both still lizards, and therein lies the rub.

  • Good point there Nuke, so far they have only been practicing the buggery.
    The real buggeration is surely yet to come…

  • Jason

    *Ahem* is there no third way?

  • RAB

    There is, but it sucks 😉

  • Jason

    Touché, Mr RAB!

    Actually I had in mind a coalition of lizards spit-roasting the tax-payer, but perhaps that is stretching the metaphor further than is proper. Apologies.

  • Paul Marks

    Lizard A (the one with five sons) will be shocked when the economy falls off a cliff in 2013. He will thrash about as even his Vice Precident (the “lizard” into working out a lot) does not have a plan for actually CUTTING government spending (which is what needs to be done – as people like Senator Rand Paul have pointed out).

    Lizard B (the one with two daughters) will be (privately) overjoyed if relected and the economy falls off a cliff in 2013.

    He will blame everything on Congress and on “the rich” and “the corporations”.

    The Centre for American Progress (and others) have already drawn up plans for Lizard B to rule by Executive power – with Congress made non relevant.

    The dream of a “fundemental transformation of society” will be achieved (turning the United States into a vast North Korea).

    Or a sea of blood will be shed, to stop it, – a time of the emotional satisfaction (of “reason being the slave of the passions”) of cutthing throats and blowing off heads.

    And if there is no resistance to the new society – a sea of blood will be shed anyway. Because the new society WILL NOT WORK – and will need a rule of terror in order to sustain the illusion of it.

    What I want to do is to AVOID this – to AVOID the time of cutting throats and blowing off heads.

    We can do without this emotional satisfaction.

    Vote for the grubby business of Lizard A – muddleing along in the crises without trying to “fundemenally transform society” into a collectivist utopea.