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Oo sez caplizm can’t do culcha?

Photoed by me in Vauxhall Bridge Road, earlier this week:


I liked this enough when I first set eyes on it to snap it up, and that was two days before I even noticed the “we’ve got one ‘ere” bit. Like I always say, my camera regularly sees more than I do.

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6 comments to Oo sez caplizm can’t do culcha?

  • Patrick

    That’s wonderful. Almost makes we want to go and hire a van I don’t need!

    ..and never forget Hertz Van Rental, the famous Dutch painter….

  • the other rob

    That’s very good!

    It reminds me of a plumbers’ van that was often seen around the Camden Town / Kentish Town area. The plumbers were of Indian descent (as in India the country) and the message on the side of their van read “You’ve tried the cowboys, now try the Indians”.

  • mose jefferson

    All of which are more clever than Oregon’s “Cock Trucking”.

  • Anthony

    Interestingly, there’s a bit on Ayn Rand on the BBC today. Nothing new to those who’ve read her books or know a few things about her life, but it’s good to see it there. Unsurprisingly there’s some head scratching about why the book is popular and has an intellectual legacy, but overall a pleasing diversion from the normal deregiste dirges of the BBC News.


  • Richard Thomas

    Anthony, sounds like typical pseudo-intellectualism and short-sightedness. If you don’t agree with someone, that may be a problem with them; if you don’t understand why someone holds their position, you probably need to look closer to home.

  • Anthony


    Agree, particularly on the issue of understanding. The UK’s collective mindset is largely influenced by organisations like the BBC that run screaming from intellectually rational positions such as libertarianism and objectivism. I think it comes down to fear; fear that logical thought will expose them to the hypocrisy of their own positions and thus their intellectual weakness. People and media organisations could understand, but they’re afraid to as they want to protect their worldview.