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A cold wind from the mountains

Nepal to ban independent trekking. Public safety, job creation and ‘stimulus’ all in one; how long before other nations follow Nepal’s lead?

5 comments to A cold wind from the mountains

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I am sure they have the safety of the public at heart.

    (sarcasm alert)

  • The traditional Hindu kingdom of Nepal was destroyed by the Maoists with the tacit approval from the ruling leftists in India. Nobody cares of course. Sanskrit schools are being shut down, preists are unsafe, etc etc. We’ve seen this script before. Obviously the engorgement of the bureaucracy is next. Elf-n-safety in Nepal!

  • The guides and other crew who you hire to go trekking in Nepal are mostly Buddhist, and were never very fond of the Hindus who were in charge of the traditional Kingdom of Nepal, however. Their perception was always that with respect to Nepal’s lucrative tourist income, they were doing all the work and the Hindu government was finding ways to tax it heavily and keep all the money. If this decision is part of some political exchange of favours between the Buddhists and the Maoists, that wouldn’t be greatly surprising.

  • Alsadius

    What exactly are they going to do? Are there cops stationed 25000 feet up?

  • Paul Marks


    The old government was bad enough (the various periods of Congress Party and “moderate” Communist Party rule – both of which occured under the Monarchy) the new govenrment is even worse.

    And the international media act as if nothing was odd or nasty in Nepal.

    If I was few decades younger the situation would shock me.