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Samizdata quote of the day

Do not grip fireworks with your buttocks.

– The final entry in David Thompson’s most recent batch of Friday Ephemera, with a link to the video that will convince you of the wisdom of this advice, in the unlikely event that you are not convinced of this already.

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • jsallison

    Yeah that’s one subsidized college education that’s going to pay us dividends… You absolutely know he’s an Obama voter, too, nicht wahr?

  • Otpu

    Here in the American South there’s something that we call the redneck epitaph; it goes, “Aw, that ain’t nothing, hold my beer and watch this.”

    This is a perfect example.


  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Us liberty-lovers hate others saying “Don’t”, or “Do not”, so this will be taken as a challenge! I’ll tell you what happens later, or a hospital may get in touch with you.
    Just remember, Don’t say don’t!!!

  • Laird

    Hey, give the guy a break; it could happen to anyone.

  • the other rob

    Hey guys! Watch this!!

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Fireworks and Darwin: a marriage made in Heaven.

  • llamas

    Interestingly-enough, this year marks the first 4th of July for Michigan under a new, much-more tolerant fireworks law.

    (The 4th opf July is the big fireworks date in the US – think Guy Fawkes Day).

    In the past, fireworks in MI have been severely restricted – basically, anything that flies or goes ‘bang’ was outlawed. The new law swept away all those restrictions, allowing some pretty sporty fireworks to be sold legally in MI. The price of the new law was some added licesning and permit requirements.

    The old law was always touted as being a matter of ‘public safety’. But – guess what? Under the new law, the increase in fireworks-related injuries was – nil.


    It seems like the number of people who were going to hurt themselves with fireworks was already at saturation levels, law or no law – in fact, injury rates may yet drop as people are less tempted to roll their own.

    In other words, the old law was really about placating nervous residents and the easily-offended, and (of course) rent-seeking by professional, licensed fireworks operators.



  • veryretired

    Well, if that rocket did to his testicles what it appeared to do, then evolution’s principles are validated yet again.

  • Alisa

    Do not grip fireworks with your buttocks.