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A comment by Paul Marks… deleted by The Economist

Paul Marks of this parish commented on an article in the Economist called ‘A lament for America’s Jews’

…whereupon the magazine deleted it.

However, for your edification and as if by some black internet magic, here is that deleted comment…

Do you not ever fear your nose growing Lexington? Or your pants catching fire?

You know perfectly well that the “mentors” who got Comrade Barack into Columbia and Harvard were not “Zionists” (not even “liberal” ones).

At Columbia his room mate was Sohale Siddiqi. William (Bill) Ayers worked just down the street at Bank Street College of Education (and he and Barack went to the same Marxist conferences – continuing Barack’s Marxism whilst at Occidental – and his the work of his true “mentor” in childhood the Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis).

Bill and Mrs Ayers are the pals of Hamas (part of the unholy alliance between Marxist atheists and radical Islamists — that is so much a feature of the Hyde Park area of Chicago, where both Bill and Barack went to live – of course Frank Marshall Davis was a Chicago CP member till he was ordered to go off to Hawaii).

A teacher and friend of Barack at Columbia was Edward Said (not known for his Zionism). They (and Bill Ayers) continued to be friends after the Columbia years.

And Harvard?

Barack got in because of the letter by Percy Sutton (the attorney of Malcolm X – who Barack’s mother had so admired)

And then there is Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (again not known for his Zionism) – who started off as Donald Warden.

And on and on…

Lexington, a genuine question… Do you really believe we are so stupid or so ill informed that you can get away with pretending that Barack Obama has a “Zionist” background?

I really want to know.

Do you despise us (the readers) so much, that you believe you can blatantly say things that are untrue (that you must know are untrue) and we will not even notice?

Barack Obama was elected in 2008 because the “liberal” (again I rather think Gladstone and so on would dispute your definition of the word “liberal”) media managed to hide the truth from most voters – and substitute a tidal wave of “Journo-list” disinformation in the place of the truth.

I assure you that the same trick will not work twice.

Before November most people will know Barack Obama for who and what he really.

… the comment taking form once more like some vengeful revenant risen from that un-quiet place where deleted comments supposed slain by a moderator go, reaching through the screen and grasping ‘Lexington’ by the throat.

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14 comments to A comment by Paul Marks… deleted by The Economist

  • Julie near Chicago

    Mr. Marks yet again smiteth the undead Lexington with a blow in truth mighty as from a fist of i-ron. One would hope that at last the tiresomely revenant Lex (its name undoubtedly inspired by its ancestral kinsman “Luthor’s” nickname) would finally succumb once and for all. Yet I fear that despite the utter indisputability of the happily revenant comment, this agitpropist agent of either the dread Cthulhu or the Dark Lord (take your pick) will yet again return, engulfing the Earth still further in blackness most foul in order to defeat the piercing rays sent by our Light-bearer, the Sun, to us poor sods on earth.

    Nevertheless: It’s always good for the nervous system to read such a well-done fisking. Thanks to both P’s. :>))


  • mdc

    It does come across a little rambling and crazy. It may all be trust but can we have some [citation needed]s on the facts?

  • It may all be trust but can we have some [citation needed]s on the facts?

    I take it you do not have access to Google?

  • Mike James

    There’s never been any counter to the claim that Frank Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers are friends of Obama. The fact that Obama has any association with scum like this is a disgrace.

  • Alisa

    Julie:,that was inspired!:-)

  • Hmm

    Well caught Paul and Perry…

    How can you parody this stuff? Obama’s mentors liberal and Zionist?WTF! – even if it had been written in error it would be irony^2?… Oh, for such a world!

  • Paul Marks

    “rambling and crazy” – that is me.

    Indeed that is just about anyone who has understood that the media have crossed an important line.

    The msm have for decades supported the left – but that is not the same as supporting the Marxist left.

    2008 was not 1964 – with the msm supporting the social democrat (Johnson) and smearing the conservative (Goldwater).

    Supporting Social Democracy is not the same as supporting Marxism.

    In 2008 the msm crossed the line – they not only did not expose Barack Obama as what he is, they did their level “best” to cover it up.

    And they are still doing that.

    Just thinking about that (looking it full in the face) should make anyone “rambling and crazy”.

    It is really hard to take.

  • Jerry

    And the msm is about to do it AGAIN !!

    Unfortunately, there will be a large percentage of voters ( most of which, I suspect, are ‘at the trough’ in one form or another _ who will vote for this …………………….( I will leave my description of Obama to the reader’s imagination since it is neither politically correct nor flattering ) …………………..AGAIN !!!

  • JohnB

    Evil deception that article (lament for America’s Jews) is, indeed.

    Soros-funded J Street’s policies would lead to the destruction of Israel.
    Obama’s, and most of the West’s, never mind the East’s policies would lead to the destruction of Israel.

    And Israel’s former prime minister who famously said that Israel was tired of fighting (time to lay down survival, chaps) is to speak at J Street’s conference?
    The evil that would destroy Israel runs deep.

    And regarding Obama one should not forget his mentor, “God damn America” Jeremiah Wright.

  • ragingnick

    Obamuslims lie that he has ‘got Israels back’ is amazingly, being swallowed by many Jews (and pushed by self hating Judenrats such as Soros). the taqiyya president, of course hates Israel as much as he hates America.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Why, thank you, Alisa! –“Inspired”? Well…don’t blame me: Our Glorious Host and Founder of this wondrous sub-rosarian libertarian forum, one Perry of Havilland, started it–inspiration springing, as it were, from his enpixelating digits. ;>)

    Paul’s quite right about the incumbent’s past (and present–e.g., Valerie Jarrett) associates and “mentors.” One can search the ‘Net, or read, for instance, Stanley Kurtz’s book Radical-in-Chief, or his many articles on the Web.

    One can also search for Bernardine Dohrn, along with “Manson,” or with “Weather Undergound,” or with “Marmara” or “Hamas.” This woman, an Associate Professor in the Northwestern University Law School (unbelievable and disgusting!!!) and past director of Northwestern’s “Children and Family Justice Center,” is Mrs. Bill Ayers.

    Yes indeedy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ayers, destroying the minds of children everywhere. Including Venezuela.

    Also, what JohnB said.

    As for J Street…those people are JINO’s. And, Lexington, it’s not AIPAC that’s the proponent of victimhood as a claim against mankind–it’s J Street and similarly-minded groups who seek devolution and glorify whatever is antithetical to civilization worldwide. If you can’t wrap your head around that simple and obvious fact, perhaps you should turn in whatever you have in place of a brain and ask the Great Frog to give you one that functions.


  • veryretired

    Thank you, Paul. Every little bit helps.

    OMG (O Must Go)

  • Paul Marks

    No need to thank me veryretired.

    The fight for West (for it is not “just” the United States) is my fight too.

    Although what this over-the-hill fat man can do I am not sure.

    I suspect that I can do nothing more than write a few posts – which is shameful.

    However, if that is all I can do – that is what I will do.

    On books….

    Some sources (such as Don Frederick’s “The Obama Timeline”) have to be used carefully – such sources remind me of the old days “I have got X, Y, Z for you [all true] and General Secretary ……… rapes little boys [not true]”.

    In Frederick’s case his weakness is birtherism (although an odd Canadian version of birtherism in his case).

    However, yes “Radical In Chief” is good.

    So is “The Manchurian President” and “Red Army”.

    On Barack’s (and others) financial, and other, corruption.

    “The Case Against Barack Obama” is good.

    But so is “The Culture of Corruption” (both editions).

    There really is no need for tough guy stuff (taking prisoners and beating the truth out of them and…..) as the enemy have left a mountain of evidence – if one just bothers to look for it.

    After all WITH THE MEDIA ON THEIR SIDE what do they have to fear?

    It does not matter if millions (indeed tens of millions) of people know what Barack and his Comrades are – as long as 51% of voters do not.

    By the way Rev. J. Wright is nothing special – not in his ideology.

    He is a standard “Liberation Theology” Marxist – even the “Black” Liberation Theology thing is not original, it was thought out by others.

    What is odd is how blatant he is.

    The open hatred of the United States and Western Civilization generally.

    Such opinions are normal among academics, teacher trainers, media people, Liberation Theology “clerics” and so on – but IN PRIVATE. For example, I am sure that Barack (who worked with J. Wright for more than 20 years) shares these opinions – but I am also sure he would never publicly state them (still less go around selling films of himself saying this stuff), at least not in such blatant language.

    Instead Barack will talk about collective salvation (i.e. the Marxist doctrine of “Heaven” on Earth – which is quite respectable now-a-days, for example last week’s edition of Time magazine supported it [whilst not mentioning it is Marxist of course]), “my salvation depends on the salvation of every one of you” sounds much better than “death to America” (or whatever) although it means much the same thing.

    It must be remembered that the “Heaven on Earth” doctrine is not supernatural in this case (there are supernatural, i.e. non Marxist, versions of the doctrine – but those are not being discussed here), it is (as Time magazine rightly wrote) about human beings building a new society by collectively working together for the common good…… the Red Flaggers (Marxists), Black Flaggers (communal anarchists) and Green Flaggers (deep greens) all share this collectivist, anti private property based civil society, vision. But they (let alone skilled politicians such as Barack Obama) do not use the blatant language of J. Wright.

    I suspect (I do not know) that, as some level, J. Wright hates himself.

    Perhaps he feels he has betrayed his father (who was a real cleric – not a Marxist Liberation Theology pretend cleric).

    Some of the enemy (not many but some) want to be caught.

    They feel they are evil (because they are) – and they actually WANT to be exposed.

    J. Wright may be one of these people.

  • Paul Marks

    To balance out the hit at Time magazine above.

    An article on the recent shooting of a black person in Florida (not the many black people killed by other black people – the media does not care about them) in Newsweek magazine started as follows…..

    In the 1960s as America waged an “unjust war against Vietnam”.

    Connection to the shooting in Florida? Of course none, (the writer came out with some “connection”, bascially a Frankfurt School of Marxism “Critical Theory” …….-is-an-ideological-construct one, but it was all crap), but look at the wording.

    Not “fought a war against the Communists trying to take over South Vietnam” but rather an “unjust war against Vietnam” pure agitprop.

    Sometimes the Communist propaganda in the “mainstream” media is not exactly subtle (and it is written by people who were marching in favour of “Uncle Ho” and Mao, the largest scale mass murderer in human history, back when they were students in the 1960s).

    However, sometimes even Barack is not subtle either – for example the section on Indonesia in “Dreams From My Father” is agitprop – it reads like an article from “Pravada” back in Soviet days.

    Although “Dreams….” may have been written by Bill Ayers, so Barack may not be to blame for the blatent nature of some sections of the work.