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If this bastard wins …

The Wisconsin Recall election on June 5 is national news and a much discussed political watershed moment. And, conveniently, voter ID laws have been temporarily blocked during the recall.

If this bastard wins the Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial primary, expect all hell to break loose.

His platform is available courtesy of Occupy Wisconsin.

I didn’t know about the Republican primary and thought that what everybody is calling “The Democratic Primary” didn’t have any Republican elections on the ballot. I hadn’t planned on voting.

That bastion of unbiased neutrality, aka Wisconsin Public Radio, even put up an article saying that “Gov. Walker is urging Republican voters not to meddle in the Democratic primary recall elections on May 8th” . Notice the NPR article has the exact same date that the Government Accountability Board (notice 5 to 1 Democratic appointees) announced that they had qualified an additional 369 petition signatures that they had previous determined to be ineligible and Kohl-Riggs would be running against Walker.

Their plan might even work. If it does, expect what we’ve seen so far to look like it was a warm-up.

11 comments to If this bastard wins …

  • Russ


    If it’s even faint consolation, the simple fact that they’re having to throw this much effort into the lines means that strategically we’re on the offensive.

    The salient may get pounded on. Recommend TONS of locals with video cameras serving as election observers. The libs will complain, but as long as nobody goes all Black Panther on the voters, might be the best thing you could do.

  • Diggs

    I went to the Occupy site, saw his picture. Why do all the #Occupy males look like they lost their testicles prior to puberty?

  • Alisa

    but as long as nobody goes all Black Panther on the voters

    But they will – they already have.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Alisa, yes, of course they have! SNARL…. But if there are “tons of people with video cameras” the B.P.s would be caught in the act, on film. That obviously wouldn’t cut any ice with the DoJ, but it would sure make what’s going on exceedingly obvious to anyone who’s still on the fence. I wonder if James O’Keefe or somebody else from Breitbart will be up there.

    Mid–I’m just 19 mi. S. of Beloit–I could sneak over the border in the dark of the moon and vote, if you think it would help. (I’ve already thrown cash at the Gov’nr.) And my sweet Lucy would love to lend a paw for the Cause. After all, all the Dim [sic] Dogs vote….

  • Midwesterner

    The problem is not that Walker needs more backers, the problem is that Walker’s backers haven’t realized they have to defeat a Democratic candidate twice, once in each of two elections. Double jeopardy.

    Unless Walker supporters show up and vote in “The Democratic Primary” Tuesday, May 8, Walker could very well lose the Republican nomination. Then this Kohl-Riggs guy loses to the ‘real’ Democratic candidate in the recall on June 5.

  • Laird

    You have to admit it’s a clever scheme.

    This is the strangest “recall” election I’ve ever seen. If Walker wins I hope there will be a push to change the election procedures so this sort of thing can’t happen again. A “recall” ought to be a straight up-or-down vote on the incumbent. How on earth does a primary election (for the incumbent) enter into it?

  • Paul Marks

    Yes what you mean is that there is a Republican Primary on May 8th and, if Walker loses (because it is being reported that there is only a Democrat Primary) he does not get to even be on the ballot for June.

    Sadly that was not clear in the post.

  • bobby b

    Why do all the #Occupy males look like they lost their testicles prior to puberty?

    Have you seen the Occupy females?

    Then you know where all of those testicles actually went.

    (I live about 40 miles from the Wisconsin border. As with all things having to do with Wisconsin, one needs to keep one specific statistic in mind: Wisconsin has, for, like, ever, had the most bars per capita of all of the states here in the USA.)

  • Laird

    You say that like it’s a bad thing, bobby b. Where I live (South Carolina) there are more churches than bars. I think the Wisconsin arrangement is preferable.

  • bobby b

    It would probably work out fine for y’all down there, ‘cuz your state has lots of South Carolinians, and a bar full of South Carolinians is a party.

    Wisconsin, though, has been overrun by Wisconsinites, an entirely separate species that arose when some of the very first sets of German immigrants to this country, tiring of their indentured roles as porters and footrests to the French Voyageurs (who were pursuing their fur-collecting business all across the region), ran away and hid in the lake regions and eventually settled down and took beavers as wives and started families with them.

    They’re a dependable, hard-working, yet sort of grossly hirsute and buck-toothed group, known mostly for their very low mental functioning and their easily-triggered tempers, neither of which is generally a desired trait amongst bar patrons, so their system of “a bar or two at every intersection” has made for a very disorderly society.

  • Laird

    I breathlessly await Midwesterner’s reply to your description of his brethern, bobby b! Anyway, aren’t they all Lutherans? How disorderly can they be?