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Sir Humphrey returns (not that he ever went away)

SkyNews’ Sophie Ridge reports:

Whitehall departments spent £1.4 billion in an attempt to save £159 million by sharing back-office functions such as personnel and procurement.

Similar methods in the private sector typically cut a fifth off annual spend within five years, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

Sir Humphrey [in Yes, Minister – The Economy Drive (1980)]:

Asking a town hall to slim down its staff is like asking an alcoholic to blow up a distillery.

2 comments to Sir Humphrey returns (not that he ever went away)

  • Hmm

    1.4billion spent to save 159million really takes a special kind of genius 🙂

    I think that Sir Humphrey and his wiley Whitehall ways are well worth studying!

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    And in other news, a spokesman for the Department of Energy has responded to the allegations of a recent report which determines that wind power is ineffective and exceedingly costly:

    “If this sort of short-sighted analysis informed our policies we’d not meet our carbon emission targets and keep the lights on, and the consumer would certainly be worse off,” shrieked a DECC spokeswoman to Solar Power Portal, an industry-sponsored ‘news’ website.”


    The real problem with watching 30 year old re-runs of ‘Yes, Minister’ is that, the first time round, we could approach it and enjoy it as satire, or even parody, while now we are forced to face the fact that it was a training manual which the government bureaucracy and its quangos have learned far too well.