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Samizdata quote of the day

After you have convinced people that you fervently believe your cause to be more important than telling the truth, you’ve lost the power to convince them of anything else.

Megan McArdle

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Hmm

    Sadly, Not if they are already owned! Unthinking AGW supporters will happily follow along with the “it may be fake but it should be true” propaganda meme until it is made highly uncomfortable for them.

    To tilt the sheep into not following the leader requires the leader to be separated from the flock. This is why Kos etc try to give the flock an upbeat ideal of Peter Gleick by turning the ****** (space left for you to insert your own favourite description of ye olde ex-chair-of-ethics) into a hero.

  • Darrell

    “Fake, but accurate”, as Dan Rather would say… 😎

    And Megan McCardle should know that there’s only one ‘e’ in ‘judgment’.

  • RRS

    Dear Cousin Darrell,

    U S dictionaries and “word guides” allow either spelling.

    Don’ mess with Megan lest Instapundit will getcha!

  • Chris Cooper

    We must remember who the real casualty is here. Poor Peter is deeply hurt by what he admits is a lapse from his own high standards. He’s not tweeting much at the moment, but he did manage this 15 hours ago:


    Peter Gleick @PeterGleick

    To all those sending kind words and thoughts, I deeply appreciate them.


    Perhaps we could all help by sending some kind words and thoughts?

  • I urge people not to send him insults. If you want to send a personal message, send instead sincere appeals to carry through on his re-commitment to integrity by giving the public full information about the “strategy 2012” memo.

  • Kim du Toit

    Never mind AGW; it’ll end up being just a historical footnote.

    Apply the same aphorism to socialism instead, for maximum impact. (My favorite quote on communism: Communism lost the big argument. It was called “the 20th century.”)

  • Dom

    Did anyone else notice the line in the Strategy Document — “dissuade teachers from teaching science”

    Dead giveaway. That’s not what a Climate Change opponent would write. That’s what an alarmist thinks an opponent would write.

    If I found a document saying “We alarmists must …”. Well, obviously its forged.

  • Chris Cooper

    Absolutely, Natalie. I’m not really advocating that we should lapse from our own high standards by being nasty to him.