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Signs of the times for sale

Nag, nag, nag:


If you click on that, you will see that this snap was snapped in a hardware store. A randomly selected one, as it happens, near to where I live.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, health and safety is, among other things, a business, and therefore an interest. If it diminished, money would be lost, money which knows it would be lost and which would therefore speak up against it being stopped.

But of course the big complaints, if they now tried to moderate this crap, would come from all the big businesses which have now got used to all this excessive nagging and know how to handle it, unlike smaller potential competitors who, poor innocents, know only about making good products.

4 comments to Signs of the times for sale

  • Stonyground

    My workplace mostly sailed our recent health and safety inspection. The one thing that we fell down on was not having signs saying ‘eye protection must be worn’ above our grindstone and our pillar drill. There are only two of us in the workshop, both in our early fifties. Both of us have managed to survive several decades in the workplace, without losing our eyesight, before such signs became mandatory. Still, the industry sold two more stickers and that’s what matters.

  • And conversely, I work for a large company where the most ridiculously contra-common-sense health and safety breaches happen on a daily basis and nothing is done at all, since our once a decade safety inspection is done by ‘head office.’
    funny old world.

  • Russ

    1. GIMP
    2. Lamination machine
    3. Parody Warning Signs
    4. Profit!

  • Paul Marks

    Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the United States in 1979 – no one killed by the hysteria generated by the accident (or rather by the media and Hollywood) just about ended the development of nuclear power in the United States.

    Why could not people see the warning red light that went on?

    Because of large cardboard health-and-safety labels that covered it (and a lot of other things).

    No I am not making this up.

    “Elf&Safety” regulations in practice.