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Dumpster diving in the name of “security”

This is one of the more ridiculous incidents of security theatre that I have read. I know it is preaching to the converted to post such a link to Samizdata, and the increasingly farcical nature of the United States government surprises no one who reads here, but the post deserves to be spread far and wide. Reading Mike Masnick’s account of how the knuckleheads providing “security” at the US Capitol conduct themselves, one can better visualize the inherent idiocy of the entire operation.

9 comments to Dumpster diving in the name of “security”

  • RRS

    What much of this demonstrates is the continuing importance of Derivative Status in the organization of relationships in U S social structure.

    Many of the individuals involved (and even commentators like me) seem derive a sense of personal significance (which they want to “project”) from their connection to something else (such as a law or rules) which does have social impact.

  • renminbi

    I feel nasty,so here goes. Care to guess the ethnicity of the security Bozo?

  • And that would show a causal link of some sort how exactly, renminbi?

  • RRS

    Well, PdeH, not to be rude, but as an old geezer who grew up in Virginia, who saw the decay of D.C. from the times I would stay there, at 16th & V, beginning in 1932, on through the period when black employment in city and Federal governemnts became the means (at great cost) to establish an artificial black middle class; through murders of white “racially liberal” couples who were viewed as a threat of gentification when moving into 100% black neighborhoods; the movements out of D.C to adjacent Maryland by the black middle class – the influx from Central America; all carrying with it the importance to non-whites (as well as to some whites) of self-assertion, and a claim and projection of status.

    So, yes, there is the likelihood, not certainty, that ethnic or “minority” quality plays a role.

  • renminbi

    They hire stupid people for the role. Aside from being stupid, they enjoy throwing their weight around-they enjoy their “authority”,having nothing else going for them. People on this side of the pond recognize the tendency.
    Of course such generalizations are not perfect, since people are not perfect in their imperfections.
    Part of the reason many police are stupid is that intelligence tests may not be used if they have a disparate effect on the recruitment of minorities. Of course, how can it not show in the quality of the policing? Or any service provided?

  • Then what we have here is a classic example of confusing correlation and causation.

  • Laird

    Perry, I didn’t see that renminbi made any assertion of causation. Merely correlation. Draw whatever inferences you choose.

  • My reply *was* me drawing the obvious inference from what he and RRS wrote.

  • RRS

    Perhaps I missed the point.

    We are looking at factors that may have affected exercise of discretion.