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Samizdata quote of the day

“All corporate taxes fall on households in the end. Companies might be convenient places to get cash from but they are not the people actually carrying the economic burden. It is some combination of shareholders, workers and consumers that are carrying the burden: those getting the social services which they are unable to fund.”

Tim Worstall, dealing with yet another piece of nonsense from that over-blown socialist buffoon, Richard Murphy. I have to admire Tim’s stamina in how he relentlessly mocks and refutes the rubbish from Murphy. But someone has to do it.

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  • K

    Companies are “convenient” to get cash from because it’s another way to hide how much Mr./Ms. Average Voter pays in taxes. The key to putting over a tax increase is the hide it from view. Put everything out in the open – the actual cash and standard of living disappearing, loss of jobs etc and you’d have a revolution – and a hell of a lot more free country.