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So all the UK is isolated from is an impending disaster: the eurozone will fragment with countries leaving and debt defaults. It is like being as isolated as a man who failed to get onto the Titanic before it sailed.

Terry Smith

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  • John W

    Since when was Splendid Isolation(Link) a bad thing?

  • Antoine Clarke

    Since 1937.

  • Paul Marks

    It must be made clear that Mr Cameron did not ask for any powers back from the E.U. – he simply asked that extra E.U. regulations not be imposed on United Kingdom financial services.

    This is a about 10% of the British economy – the E.U. would remain free to continue the destruction of the other 90% of the British economy (via their endless regulations – see the works of Christopher Booker, Richard North and many others).

    However, even stopping aditional E.U. attacks on 10% of the British economy was too much for our “partners” i.e. the governments who have nothing but contempt for the independence of their own nations (see their willingness to hand over tax and government spending judgements, the very life blood of constitutional government, to the E.U.) and wish no bar to the endless increase in power of the E.U.

    The British people overwhelmingly oppose the unlimited power of the E.U. (and, at least this time, Mr Cameron is on their side – although he would not have remained leader of the Conservative party had he gone along with the E.U. plan to snuff out what was left of national indepenence). But the elite are fighting back.

    Peter K….. of “YouGov” says that the people were silly in their replies to his opinion poll questions – they will learn better.

    I know this becaus this piece of subhuman shit was cited on the radio news – as were lots of other pro unlimited power for the E.U. people.

    Not just by the BBC – but by the “independent” news of “Classic F.M.” also.

    This is how the system works.

    The people do nto want to be slaves (they really do not) – but the electronic media (and so on) get to work on them…. as does the education system (both at school and university level) and it is not just a long term project – as “Professors of E.U. law”, and other such, will be cited on radio and television.

    Not for nothing are these creatures (both media and education) called “opinion formers”.

    They work to brainwash the people over time – to make them ashamed of their own desire to be independent, and to make them feel ignorant and stupid.

    I hope the enemy fail to twist public opinion – but do not doubt the power of the enemy, nor their total ruthlessness.

    The international elite brought down Mrs Thatcher in 1990 (via their local slaves – Howe, “Hezza” and so on) and they have recently overthrown democratically elected governments in Greece and Italy.

    It would be foolish to underestimate them.

  • Rob

    Isolation is good when everyone else insists on joining in a suicide pact.

  • John W

    Putting the EU into involuntary EUthanasia.

  • Cliff Edge

    Look, scream the euronuts, there’s a lemming over there not joining in!

  • Buck O'Fama

    When a bunch of idiots say you’re an idiot, you should take it as a compliment.

  • Kevin M

    Well, you guys could always join with us again, perhaps as a dozen states. Then we’ll see who’s isolated. Just let us get through this here election first.

  • mark

    so this isn’t the ‘rapture’?

  • It’s much like the famous, perhaps apocryphal, British newspaper headline which once read,

    “Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off”


    Provided we retain access to European markets by exchainging EU membership of the European Free Trade Association, I see no reason why we cannot now withdraw.

    The other members of the EU have decided to go down a path which the UK cannot and will not follow. Now is the perfect time to say “Look guys, we didn’t sign up for this and we don’t want to get in your way. We’ll just switch from being members of the EU to being members of the EFTA and be on our way”.

    Time to bring the UK chapter of the EU farce to a close.