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Don’t torment the frog

Wise words from David Thompson. He supplies video to prove his point, video which reminds me of the scene in Road Trip, where the snake tries to eat Tom Green.

This posting has nothing to do with France.

5 comments to Don’t torment the frog

  • David Crawford

    Not to be unfestive but the guy deserved exactly what he got. Merry Christmas.

  • Westerlyman

    That so served him right. Cruelty to dumb animals by even dumber animals for their pathetic amusement and Kermit strikes back. Merry Christmas.

  • Very funny clip, but it’s difficult to know whether the frog was suffering or enjoying itself. It did keep zapping the ants for several goes, despite not getting the satisfaction of eating one.

    If you put a scrunched up piece of newspaper on the end of a string and dangle it in front of a cat, pulling it away when the cat pounces, aren’t you doing much the same? Yet that is universally regarded as playing not tormenting. Despite his advanced age my cat seems to quite like the process. Then again “the process” frequently ends up the same way it did in the clip. At least he gets the satisfaction of biting something in the end.

  • Don’t torment the fat kid either.