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““Green” will never be quite the same after Obama. When Solyndra and its affiliated scandals are at last fully brought into the light of day, we will see the logical reification of Climategate I & II, Al Gore’s hucksterism, and Van Jones’s lunacy. How ironic that the more Obama tried to stop drilling in the West, offshore, and in Alaska, as well as stopping the Canadian pipeline, the more the American private sector kept finding oil and gas despite rather than because of the U.S. government. How further ironic that the one area that Obama felt was unnecessary for, or indeed antithetical to, America’s economic recovery — vast new gas and oil finds — will soon turn out to be America’s greatest boon in the last 20 years. While Obama and Energy Secretary Chu still insist on subsidizing money-losing wind and solar concerns, we are in the midst of a revolution that, within 20 years, will reduce or even end the trade deficit, help pay off the national debt, create millions of new jobs, and turn the Western Hemisphere into the new Persian Gulf. The American petroleum revolution can be delayed by Obama, but it cannot be stopped.”

Victor Davis Hanson.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Clix

    Some misguided people say that Obama is in hock to the Saudis… Of course he isn’t, though there is still a faint feeling that any efforts to make the US less dependent on oil from the gulf would negatively impact on the Arabs’ power and wealth, and that would not be acceptable.

    Just sayin’

  • Laird

    I just hope Hanson is correct.

  • Paul Marks

    Van Jones was (and is) no loony.

    He understood how to take “Green” concerns and use them for the benefit of Marxism.

    I trust not even the “I went to a social event with so-and-so and he was very nice” brigade will dispute that Van Jones is a Marxist (the creation of STORM, the ardent support for Mao and…….)

    Of course Van Jones had to change his language – but as he put it “I gave up the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose, for the deep satisfaction of the radical end”.

    Talk nice, wear a suit and tie – and you have a better chance of destroying “capitalism” (“we do not want to replace gray capitalism with green capitalism – we want….”).

    Last time I heard Van Jones was working at the Centre for American Progress which (like the “Apollo Project” created by another Mr Jones, a leader of Weather Underground Communist terrorist group) all the nice people insist is not a Marxist outfit (it just happens to employ Marxists – and it is bad form to even point out that they are Marxists).

    Indeed they laugh at such a “paranoid” idea. After all Mr Jones (and Mr Van Jones) is invited to nice social events and is seen with the best people…..

    Anyway none of it could work without the “capitalist pigs” – the people who give the money (in campaign contributions, donations to “community activist” groups and so on) partly in the hopes of being left alone (the old Chicago shakedown racket), partly out of hopes of government contracts and government subsidies – like the one to which the post refers.

    It is hard to feel much sympathy for Mr Keiser (the political donation man in this case).

    However, one should feel sympathy for him.

    However, corrupt he is, he (and his family) does not deserve what his “friends” (the Obama Comrades) have planned.

  • Hmm

    I will be pleasantly surprised if Hanson turns out to be anywhere near correct, as the rot runs thru the whole political spectrum – it’s just that in the left it is practically pandemic.