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Monetary breakdown in the House of Commons on Tuesday

Yes, on Tuesday 11th, at around teatime, at the House of Commons, Steve Baker MP, Tim Evans and Detlev Schlichter (the links because both of the gents in the bold and blue lettering have had recent (favourable) mentions here) will be asking: Is the global economy heading for monetary breakdown?

I’m guessing the answer is going to be: yes. Although, I’m already imagining a comedy sketch where the first two say, actually, we’ve changed our minds, the answer is no. The world’s currencies are all absolutely in the pink. Quantitative Easing is working a treat. We can all relax. And Speaker number three finds himself forced to agree with the first two. “Guys, you’re right. My book is rubbish.” If only.

Please spread the word about this event, not just so that people in the London area who are able to attend it may be persuaded to do that, but so that people all over the world may learn that ideas of monetary sanity are being argued for inside the House of Commons.

3 comments to Monetary breakdown in the House of Commons on Tuesday

  • Paul Marks

    Well I have ordered the book – whilst I am still employed (I doubt I will be for long) and whilst Pounds still have some value (I doubt that this period of time will be vastly longer) I might as well support something I believe in.

    Yet again people will be delivering warnings as clearly and publically as possible.

    And, yet again, they will be ignored by the people of power – indeed the “great and the good” will be back to saying how “demand” must be kept up within days (or hours) of these warnings being delivered.

    Oddly enough it is the establishment (not us) who are destroying the fiat money system and the credit bubble financial system.

    They have (step by step) taken it to such an insane (the word “insane” is not too strong) extreme that they are destroying it.

    Unwilling to accept pain (back after the 1987 stock market crash – or in any crash since) they have destroyed their own system.

    The trouble is that there will be suffering (suffering on a truly vast scale) as their system dies.

    I certainly do not expect to survive what is comming.

    However, a few more people may listen to the warnings delivered at 4pm today.

    And some of them may be in a position to save themselves and their families.

    So the event today may literally save lives.

  • Laird

    Is someone going to do a followup to let us know what transpired?

  • I was present and although I don’t want to absolutely promise anything, I do hope to do something about it Real Soon Now.