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Beautiful bird photo

Remember when Samizdata used to have lots of beautiful bird photos? Well, here is another:


Beautiful bird or beautiful photo? Both, I would say. It’s a Cape Weaver Bird, which lives in South Africa. It’s the way that I at first thought that it had legs on its back that made me do a double take. And this particular snap appeals even after you’ve sorted out exactly what it’s doing and which way up everything is.

I found this photo at what has long been a favourite blog of mine, if only because he often says nice things about me. When I came upon these latest kind words about something I had blogged, I immediately went looking for something good by him for me to say nice things about, and it took me no time at all. I was only looking for something to be nice about at my own blog, but I think this photo deserves a wider audience, don’t you? Click on it if you want to see it bigger.

Further proof, if you need it, of the value of always having a camera with you.

9 comments to Beautiful bird photo

  • Family motto: “What I have, I hold.”

  • Australia has way better birds

  • Joe

    So you see a random bird with her legs in the air and you take a photo? Pathetic .

  • Chuckles

    ‘a random bird with her legs in the air’


  • Well, can’t you forgive a man’s bit of wishful thinking?:-)

  • RW

    You could be right, Chuckles – the males build the nests.

    A treeful of a weaver bird colony is wonderful.

  • Chuckles


    Normally yes, but the male weavers furiously build the nests and the attempt to hock them to passing females.

    As a result, his chance of a date on saturday night depends entirely on his nest building abilities, so it’s probably best to highlight the male contribution here.

    I was rather hoping Brian would feature some pics of the setting where the pic was taken, the Houw Hoek Inn, as well as our industrious Ploceus.

  • ManikMonkee

    “but the male weavers furiously build the nests and the attempt to hock them to passing females”

    Dave Chapelle “its not true men like fast cars and big houses, women like em, a man would live in a cardboard box if he could get laid once in a while”

  • Thanks Brian for the write up and the kind words.
    This little guy was very obliging when it came to showing off, but had a lot of competition in the immediate vicinity.