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Time to leave the IMF

Zerohedge has noted that the IMF is reactivating its New Arrangements to Borrow facility. This is a backdoor channel for bailing out an insolvent Eurozone. It is time for Great Britain to leave the IMF as it injects money into failure.

As the whole of the international architecture for finance is becoming a byword for bailouts, why stop at the IMF?

2 comments to Time to leave the IMF

  • John B

    It looks to me as though all the ruling politicians of Britain are far more committed to the EU than they are to Britain.
    It is clear that to them the idea of an independent Britain is a hangover from an ignorant past.

    Further, listening to the young Chancellor Osborne on Sky News, it is evident they are firmly locked away in their ivory Keynesian towers content to fleece what remains in bourgeois hands.

    I don’t see any alternative to disaster. Unfortunately.

  • Paul Marks

    I agree with Philip Chaston – and with John B.

    The logical policy is as Philip Chaston states it – but there is no chance of a logical policy being followed.

    This is because (as John B points out) our political leaders are “good students” – i.e. conformist types (conforming especially when they “rebel”) who follow what they were taught.

    Chancellor Osborne is a good example.

    Leave aside that he is not really (overall) cutting government spending. Why does he want people to think he is?

    For reasons of CONFIDENCE.

    In short he has just accepted the idea that the economy is based on “animal spirits”.