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The full monty on SpaceX and the industry

I have been intending to do a long article on SpaceX and their plans but the combination of consulting to eat and pay the bar tab and of trying to get funding for my own New Space business has been keeping me too occupied for a lengthy and well researched article. Fortunately, the National Space Society finally finished its internal deliberations and is now solidly and publicly backing the commercial space approach to exploration. (No industry insiders were harmed in the making of this film… er policy.)

With policy in place, an updated version of an excellent article on SpaceX, what they are doing, where they are going and what it all means has been published. John Strickland did an excellent job on it. Read it!

3 comments to The full monty on SpaceX and the industry

  • Mike Lorrey

    I’m continually impressed by the new ideas and great work coming out of SpaceX. I look forward to the day when I can ride a SpaceX rocket into orbit for a price that will be reasonable. Lessee, $250,000 per flight, seven seats, six paying seats, thats like $40,000 per seat to orbit, assuming the Dragon will have the same seating capacity as a RLV as it does now…

  • Edward King

    My hope is that SpaceX and the other private space companies will force NASA out of LEO and make it concentrate on returning to the Moon. A permanent base on the Moon opens up exploration of the asteroid belt and Mars; and (hopefully) we’ll finally have the progress in space we all thought would come off the back of the Apollo missions. Better late than never…

  • Exciting. REALLY exciting!