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Elon Musk speaking at National Press Club.

This is a rush item. Go there right now if you read this as soon as it goes up:

SpaceX CEO & CTO Elon Musk will discuss the future of human spaceflight in advance of SpaceX’s planned flight later this year to the International Space Station, the first private mission to the ISS for NASA, at a National Press Club luncheon today at 1pm EST. Reusability is key to the dramatic cost savings that will enable advancements in human exploration of space. The Dragon spacecraft is fully reusable and SpaceX is working toward the goal of delivering the world’s first fully reusable launch vehicle.

Click here to watch the discussion live

Try the animation here for a peek at SpaceX’s future plans.

This post from the National Space Society links to the animation and gives information on Elon’s talk. What he is attempting is breathtaking and awesomely difficult, a task worthy of free Americans.

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