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The rioters do not give a fuck about the so-called ‘cuts’

Of course the predator political class are going to use the behaviour of the predator social class they created to justify their continued existence… no surprise there.

But all it takes is a look at the footage or a walk down the right street if you live in London, to see that the thugs in question, with a Blackberry in one hand and wearing expensive trainers, are not doing this because “Haringey Council has lost £41m from its budget”. Does anyone seriously think these rioters are doing what they are doing because their ‘Youth Services’ Danegeld was cut back?

Just look at this…

… these are the bastard children of Diane Abbott and David Cameron… and their lineage goes all the way back to Clement Attlee…and all the other members of the political class who created them as the Welfare State progressively hollowed out civil society. These are the product of the demon seed that was planted in 1945 and progressively watered ever more lavishly each year.

So yes, the largely fictitious ‘cuts’ are indeed to blame. Far far far too little and 20 years too late.

UPDATE: But I quite like this effort.

17 comments to The rioters do not give a fuck about the so-called ‘cuts’

  • Actually, I think there may be a causal link from “cuts” in “youth services” and riots, in the form of some of the people inciting the riots. I agree that the barbarians shown in this video, which I also (before I read this posting) linked to (in the next posting here), don’t care about cuts. But higher up the rioting food chain, there are people who most definitely do.

    When the money keeps flowing into lefty pockets from the government, no riots. Whenever there have to be “cuts” (i.e a slight diminution of the flow), riots.

    It will be interesting to see, from internet twitter analysis and suchlike, what detailed connections get unearthed. How soon before members of the government salariat are identified as actually wandering the streets, chatting into phones, stirring it.

    Guido has already done some postings about riot inciters. More such postings will surely follow. Unlike most of us here, he is interested in the individual actions of his ideological enemies, and is willing to go after them, individually.

  • Laird

    Going after them individually is essential to achieving any meaningful results. It’s directly out of the Alinsky playbook: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

  • Paul Marks

    But Perry, this is noble resistance against the corporations and their creator the warfare state…..

    Just in case any of the space aliens known as the “libertarian left” are about – please go and explain your view of the world to the rioters. After they have finished eating you, the world will be troubled by your “true libertarianism” no more.

    As for “the cuts”.

    Well the much talked about “cuts” in the Republic of Ireland turned out, overall, to be lie.

    Not only did talk of “cuts” not take account of spending on bank bailouts, but it did not even note the increase in other spending.

    The gap between government wages and private wages in the Republic has never been greater – now up to 43%.

    And, government wages and benefits have actually gone UP since the economic crash.

    The United States.

    Talk of “cuts” by Obama and co is a a big shining lie (Fraser Nelson please note) – government spending is going up and up.


    If anyone still thinks this government is going to, overall, “cut” its spending – well then I have a nice bridge to sell you.

  • Patricia

    I saw a tweet on the BBC feed of one of your pols already calling for “investment” in the blighted areas.

    Isn’t this what causes the breakdown of personal responsibility in the first place?


  • cubanbob

    Investment in blighted areas is a waste of money. An area is blighted for a reason and that reason is that it became blighted when the trash population became to concentrated. Add to the mix bad public policy and regulation and the result is a toxic brew that can’t be detoxified with investment.

  • Actually, planted just before 1945, and in seemingly innocuous ways. In 1943, CS Lewis gave a series of lectures (later published as the brilliant The Abolition of Man) in which he took as his inspiration/jumping off point a text book “intended for ‘boys and girls in the upper forms of schools.” He spends one lecture describing why grammar is exactly not what the book teaches, and, in prescient turn of phrase, starts the second lecture with the comment that “The practical result of education in the spirit of The Green Book must be the destruction of the society which accepts it.”

    As I’ve watched what’s happened in England over the past many years, I’ve frequently been reminded of it(Link). Lewis could not have been more right. The society the won World War II no longer exists, and for exactly the reasons that he outlined – the moral structure, the moral center no longer holds.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    See also C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. It will be interesting to see what the British government does. Will it just let things burn out by themselves, will then try to put the rioting down by force, or will they simply buy the rioters off?

  • mishu

    Richard J. Daley had it right in 1968.

  • juandos

    Is this what some might call ‘social justice‘ in action?

  • ErisGuy

    Where is the sniper’s rifle app for my smart phone?

  • pst314

    “Richard J. Daley had it right in 1968.”

    Which is why all American liberals hate him.

  • NGM

    From the other side of the Channel, it looks awfully similar to the riots in France from 2005 and 2007. Using the tragic death of someone to unleash a rain of destruction and excuse the complete lack of personal responsibility. All this covered by some media with the “social justice” icing.

    I hope things get better for you, I really do.

  • Acksiom

    [shrug] This is what happens when you spend a generation denigrating fatherhood and driving out fathers.

  • bandit

    see Rodney King circa 1992

  • Paul Marks

    Daley (senior) was a sincere anti Communist – I will give him that.

    But he had no clear ideological alternative to Marxism – just his men with billy clubs (sorry people – that is not enough, not in the long term).

    Indeed some of his policies (such as big Public Housing projects) actually helped the Comrades. He was basically a big government “liberal” in the tradtion of F.D.R. or L.B.J.

    What is interesting is that the national media (even back in 1968) clearly backed the Communists against Daley (whilst being careful to never mention that the “young people” were Marxists).

    These days the nonCommunist elements of the Chicago machine still exist – but they are not really “anti” Communist anymore.

    Back in 1979 the first Mayor was elected who was soft on the Comrades (Jane B.), then in 1983 a Comrade (or at least fellow traveller) was elected Mayor – Harold Washington (a man who openly accepted the support of the Comrades).

    Then came Daley jr – and the historic compromise.

    You leave us alone (no more terrorism and so on) and we will let you (the Comrades) fully into the Machine on equal terms (for example you can control education) – and back your national political plans.

    That may have kept Chicago the “city that works” (after a fashion), but my thoughts on the matter are unprintable – at least in a place where any child (or so on) might read them.

  • Paul Marks

    “Is this Social Justice in action?”

    Yes it is.