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Samizdata quote of the day

So I suppose the jet she flew in on from her home in Colorado worked on rubber bands.

– a commenter called ‘SouthendViking’ on the Telegraph, remarking about actress Daryl Hannah, who was arrested at a protest where she reportedly said:

Before she was arrested, Hannah told WRC-TV the protesters want to be free from the “death and destruction” that fossil fuels cause. The group is calling for clean energy instead.

Greens… they want us living as serfs in a pre-industrial society.

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • jdm

    Greens… they want the rest of us living as serfs in a pre-industrial society.

    Fixed that for you.

  • RRS

    Hey! Wha d’yall kep on feedin’ these squirrels on this here kinda publicity?

    Theu can seek other outlets for those needs.

  • Surellin

    “Greens… they want the rest of us living as serfs in a pre-industrial society”.

    Exactly. As the estimable Instapundit wrote recently of Warren Buffett, once you reach the top, pull up the ladder. Madam Hannah has hers – you don’t get a chance at yours, you undeserving punk.

  • Paul Marks

    The actress and her friends are doing little (if any) damage – they are just messing about.

    The real damage (in this area) is being done quietly by the EPA which, against the expressed will of Congress, is inventing regulations that will close down coal powered power stations and so on.

    Vast numbers of real jobs will be lost.

    And as for “Green Jobs” – the solar power company that Barack Obama praised (live television speeches and so on) and spent hundreds of millions of tax payer Dollars on…..

    Has just gone bankrupt.

    Nor is this “Green” policy the only job destroying line of attack.

    The NLRB (again against the explicit and expressed will of Congress) is passing regulations that will unionize (i.e. destroy) what is left of American industry.

    It is not “paranoid” to say that the above policies (and others such as Dodd/Frank) are part of a deliberate policy to INCREASE unemployment as much as possible.

    The Obama regime (and the left generally) will blame the economic chaos on “the rich” and “the corporations” (and certain very rich, but rather foolish, people will help them in this campaign – thinking they are imune from what is being planned).

    And the vast numbers of people dependent on Food Stamps and so on (already at an all time record high) will be told that they must support Comrade Barack (and co) because otherwise the evil Republicans will take power, cut off their benefits and leave them to starve in the streets.

    Of course an independent media might ask if the plight of all the unemployed and desperatly poor people (who are not even counted as unemployed) is something to do with the wild spending and wild regulating policies of Comrade Barack himself….

    But with this media?

    Do not hold your breath.

  • Rubber bands? Why not Diet Pepsi and Mentos?

  • Rich Rostrom

    Rubber bands are a petrochemical product…

  • ManikMonkee

    Er rubber bands..are made from rubber. It literally grows on trees 🙂 Although in blends for high tech apps there are additions of petro-chemicals to improve properties

  • On trees?! The horror!!! [cough…]

  • The social plans are all different, the social planners are all alike.