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Guido nails it again…

… no, I am not talking about his, er, other talents but rather the clarity of his economic analysis

Ladies and gentlemen, Guido presents the Great Inflation Swindle, we have just seen the second-biggest one-month increase on record and a record high in core CPI yet the Governor of the Bank of England has told us for 3 years inflation was a blip and that the real danger was deflation. It was a deliberate lie to excuse the most reckless monetary loosening since… well actually monetary policy has been too loose globally since back to 1998 when Greenspan “saved the world” after Long Term Capital’s financial theory geeks had a close encounter of the reality kind. The loosening up of monetary policy to smooth the aftermath of that hedge fund collapse told financial risk takers to rack up the risk because central banks would step in if you got in to trouble. Everyone was “too big to fail”. Central bankers turned capitalism from a system of profit and loss into a system of private profits and socialised losses. Taxpayers had their chips put on the gambling table without even being asked.

Read the whole thing.

2 comments to Guido nails it again…

  • Steven Rockwell

    We are being deliberately swindled by the political elite.

    It’s been that way since some caveman convinced/forced the others in his tribe to make him the leader and it will be that way so long as human beings interact with one another.

  • Paul Marks

    A very good piece.

    We are so scr……