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An accurate appraisal of “Vince” Cable

The Business Secretary, and member of the Liberal Democrat Party, Vincent Cable, likes to let us know he supposedly predicted the recent credit crunch (I am not sure he did, actually), and still manages to be presented as a sage voice on current affairs. Never mind that many of his views are nonsense.

Anyway, the Daily Mash satirical website has nailed him.

5 comments to An accurate appraisal of “Vince” Cable

  • “It’s like having a plumber who comes to your house, drinks a lot of tea and says ‘if I just sit here all day that pipe is going to burst’.”

    Excellent stuff!

  • Richard Thomas

    NickM: If only That’s too little activity on the part of the plumber. For a correct anology, he’d need to be sawing at the pipe with a hacksaw or increasing the water pressure or something.

  • Nzie

    “I agree with the realistic Irishman who said he preferred to prophesy after the event.” – GK Chesterton, 1916.

  • John K

    He made one decent joke about Gordon Brown. That’s pretty much it. Since the coalition came into office he has shown himself to be quite unsuitable to be a minister, but cannot be sacked because of the nature of the coalition. Unless his wife reveals that she too took speeding points on his behalf we are pobably stuck with the oaf.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Richard Thomas.

    For Vincent Cable to say (with a straight face) that the financial crises was “lack of regualtion” or regulations “not being enforced well enough” would be amusing – if it it were not so tragic.

    But who in this government does not agree with this point of view (total misundertanding of the crises we are in) of “Uncle Vince”?