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A fine piece of investigative journalism…

There is a nice exposé in the Telegraph indicating that tax money and the tax funded BBC are funding key people and institutions in the warmist/environmental movement. The article provides a useful who’s-who of establishment figures with their snouts in the public trough…

…but what a pity they did not just read the indispensable Biased-BBC blog because the Telegraph could have written this exposé more than a year ago.

4 comments to A fine piece of investigative journalism…

  • John B

    It is great that an article like this can make it into the MSM Daily Telegraph.
    It exposes clear conflict of interest and an agenda at work to promote the global warming narrative.
    It also demonstrates links between the AGW agenda and politicians using it to obtain and increase power.

  • Derek Buxton

    EU Referendum did a piece on this in, I think, March 2010 but no one listened then.

  • Kim du Toit

    You silly rabbit. They DID write it last year… but the piece had to go through all those layers of fact-checking and editorial review, then get a sign-off from Legal.

    Or, if one were to believe some old guy called Billy Ockham, they’re just slow and inefficient.

  • pete

    The BBC is a public sector organisation.

    It toes the public sector line on eco-hysteria.

    That’s all there is to it really.