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Something I did not know about Elizabeth Taylor

Well, well. This will get some luvvies in a tizz: I knew a bit about the life and times of the great, late Liz Taylor, much-married Hollywood actress and drop-dead gorgeous to boot (those violet eyes, ye gods). But I was not aware that she was such a keen supporter of Israel. . She was definitely not of the “Michael Moore school” of Hollywood.

Somewhere up there, she’s having a glass of bubbly with Richard Burton. RIP.

9 comments to Something I did not know about Elizabeth Taylor

  • RAB

    She converted to Judaism aged 27. It is generally assumed that she did it to marry Eddie Fisher, but not so, she did it off her own bat.

    She was some kind of woman alright! Sound as a pound, beautiful clever and witty too. She even learnt Welsh to keep up with Burton. Now that’s love!

    And yes, the Taylor/Burton double act was the greatest love affair Hollywood has ever known. Nobody writes films as good as Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe anymore.

    It almost makes me wish I believed in God, to know that they are together again, riffing, rowing, drinking and carousing through all eternity.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    And of course “When Eagles Dare” is one of the greatest war movies: Burton, Clint, a hot blonde, dastardly Nazis, stirring music, chases, the lot.

    “Broadsword calling Danny Boy, come in Broadsword”….

  • Paul Marks

    Good to hear all this J.P.

  • raging nick

    not really that suprising, she was a Jewish democrat after all.

  • I didn’t know that JP – thanks.

    It seems that the older generation of Hollywood actors was superior to the younger one in that it was much less given to having their political opinions shaped by the MSM. Sure, having a mind of one’s own does not always ensure great outcomes, but one deserves credit for at least trying.

  • raging nick: there are plenty of Jews (democrats and others) who are extremely anti-Israel.

  • Novus

    “a hot blonde”

    To your shame, Johnathan, in singling out Mary Ure you overlook the fabulously besmirchable, and also recently departed, Ingrid Pitt. “What a disguise!”

  • “Cleopatra a Zionist?”

    Now that’s the sort of thing to get the conspiracy theorists going nuts.

    I think we have a similar taste in movies. “Where Eagles Dare” is brilliant. Now don’t take this the wrong way but Clint looks incredibly handsome in a Nazi uniform.