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The Saturday Night Live Reagan mastermind sketch

I’ve heard about this many times, and laughed at what I imagined it to consist of, again and again. But I’ve never actually seen it, until, a few days back, Instapundit linked to it.

“A few days” is a decade in Instatime, so forgive me if I don’t trawl back for half an hour through half a dozen pages of Instapunditry until I spot his posting on the subject, and merely supply anyone besides me who is interested with the link to the thing itself, which I did make a note of.


3 comments to The Saturday Night Live Reagan mastermind sketch

  • Paul Marks

    Pointing at the contradiction between the leftist claims that Ronald Reagan was responsible for X, Y, Z – whilst (according to the same leftists) being an ignorant moron who hardly knew his own name.

    Saturday Night Live is (of course) a “liberal” show – but sometimes the absurdity of a “liberal” position is too tempting a target for them to pass up.

    Even today they sometimes fire at their own side – for example I remember seeing a recent sketch (second hand – I do not watch the show).

    Barack Obama (or rather an actor playing him) was being asked by a Chinese interviewer how borrowing all this money and spending it government workers (and so on) was supposed to produce long term prosperity – the prosperity needed to pay back the loans.

    “Glenn Beck says…..”

    “You can not take him seriously” replies “Obama”.

    “He was right about gold” says the interviewer.

    By the way – the “other” Ronald Reagan (the ungentle one) did exist.

    For example, the time that the 1980 New Hampshire debate was being rigged against him by the Republican establishment (who, even then, where pro Bush family).

    “I paid for this microphone” (said in a very unfluffy way indeed), the establishment people take a look at Reagan, and back off.

    The best example of which film still exists is (I think) the debate with Robert Kennedy back in the late 1960s.

    A rather high tech affair – as the debate was broadcast to Oxford (England) so the students could ask questions and so on.

    Reagan takes Robert Kennedy apart – it is well worth watching.

    Still relevant to the interpretation of post WWII history today – especially in relation to the United States and the struggle against Marxism.

  • Paul Marks

    Not the part of the debate that I would have chosen.

    All this bit shows is a moronic upper class know-it-all English student.