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Congratulations guys!

Many congrats to the samizdatista;s at XCOR Aerospace on their new contract. They have been quite busy selling the Lynx suborbital space-plane, what with the wet leasing offers and the KLM frequent flyer miles deal. A sale of 6 flights to Southwest Research Institute is definitely a good start to a hopefully long and profitable life for the Lynx line.

So come on guys, please don’t stick me on that test flight! I know you should make me prove I trusted the numbers that came out of that simulation code! Please don toss me in that briar patch Br’er Greason! 😉

3 comments to Congratulations guys!

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Excellent news!

    I met Jim Bennett last week while he was over here in Blighty, talking about commercial space stuff. It was great to meet him and find out about his own work in this area.

  • Edward King


    As government retreats, the private sector advances. Per ardua ad astra!

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Dale, come on! Explain why you didn’t tell us about NASA’s first test of a solar sail! This made the news weeks ago, but you have said nothing! I thought you were a fan of these things!