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An unusual camera

This is a funky-looking camara from Sony – one of its “Alpha” models. When I first saw this picture over at Engadget, I thought it was an underwater camera – I am planning on doing more scuba diving later this year. Then I realised it was just a transluscent design.

I like this selection of odd-looking cameras. Some of them look as if they were whisked up by Q Branch. “Now James, this is something I am particularly proud of……”

3 comments to An unusual camera

  • Adam Maas

    Translucent demo/prototype cameras are a long tradition in the SLR world, especially in the Minolta(now Sony) line.

    The actual A77 will be a standard black body.

  • condor

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  • The other thing that’s translucent in this camera is its mirror. In a normal SLR, you look through the lens by virtue of a mirror that flips up out of the way when you take the picture.

    In Sony’s “SLT” cameras, the mirror does not move, because most of the light goes right through the mirror. The main advantage of this is that you can get very high frame rates, such as ten frames per second.

    I’ve been into a couple of Sony stores asking about this, and in both cases I found myself educating the staff about Sony’s products…