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Dave Barry reviews 2010

A hilarious but also rather sharp look back at 2010 by the American funnyman.

5 comments to Dave Barry reviews 2010

  • Good one. He now works at WaPo?

  • veryretired

    Prety good, but not enough about Lohan, who is obviously the most important person who ever lived.

  • John B

    For the Washington Post, very good.
    Of course he cannot deny the very bedrock of his publication’s beliefs, and he probably just gets close enough to the bone to appear to be irreverent.
    But yes. A good laugh.

  • It’s not his publication, John. It looks like he’s just an occasional freelancer these days.

  • Paul Marks

    That is broadly how the year was.

    However, it does not cover the rise in the stock market.

    It is odd – but when the Fed prints lots of money (“we do NOT print money” – my apologies, when the Fed creates lots of money on the computer…) and lends it out people to buy shares with – shares go up price.

    Either the Fed (and the Bank of England) have discovered a way to an enternal bull market – or….. well best not to be too depressing.

    One thing was grimly typical – the link to the Washington Post coverage of the O’Donnell versus Coons debate.

    Coons called himself a Marxist (it was not O’Donnell inventing something) and the remarks attributed to O’Donnell were on a comedy television show (“Politically Incorrect”) which she was on whilst at college.

    However, anyone reading the coverage of the debate, or the rest of the campaign, would think O’Donnell was evil (and a moron) and Coons was a little plaster saint.

    Still the Washington Post will soon not be the force it once was – even having all those Federal bureaucrats and other such on its patch, will not save it from decline.

    After all it just had to sell Newsweek for one Dollar (because it could not take the losses any more).