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A brief commercial break

Leaving aside current affairs for the second, feast your tired eyes on these absolute beauties of motorcar design. Ralph Lauren certainly has an exceptional collection of classics. My favourite is the mid-60s Ferrari.

7 comments to A brief commercial break

  • Laird

    That’s a garage?!

    The ’65 Ferrari is nice (they’re all really nice), but the 2010 Lamborghini is so awesome it’s scary.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • With the constant bemoaning of the economy & UK Ltd some little rays of sunshine for those over 55 who can help their equity release retirement plans.
    Life is for living.

  • The 1955 Morgan +4 Drop Head Coupe is my new dream car.

  • llamas

    Back in the day, when your humble servant used to play among the waxed moustaches and worn boots of the VMCRC, there was a popular decal often seen on the ancient machinery in use – Ride It, Don’t Hide It!

    Places like the one pictured just make my blood boil. All that pur-sang machinery, parked on pedestals, far too pretty and too valuable to actually be used. It’s like the Ferrari in ‘Ferris Buehler’s Day Off’.

    That’s one reason why I have such a great admiration for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and hope to be saved to attend it again before I die – priceless, one-of-a-kind pieces of automotive history, steeped in motorial mystique, are taken up the hill at full speed and no holding back – and not parked on a pedestal in an air-conditioned museum with the lights dimmed so as not to harm the paint.

    Say what you will about Jay Leno and his amazing collection of automotive hardware – it all gets regularly used on the street where the rest of us can see it and admire it in its natural habitat. I’m told that he regularly appears at LA-area cruises and drive-ins in or on the most amazing pieces of history. That’s how it should be.



  • carfetishist

    Damn! Change of underwear needed. This lot’s sticky.

  • Kim du Toit

    Llamas +1

    My favorite quote is from the guy who restores vintage Ferraris, and then drives them on the street every day. When reminded that this causes the value of the Ferrari to drop, he replied:

    “When you buy a Ferrari and then don’t drive it, it’s like having a gorgeous girlfriend and not sleeping with her, so that she’ll be more attractive to her next boyfriend.”

    I feel the same way about guns.