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Where Tony Blair had no reverse gear, and Lady T was not for turning, Mr Cameron has a full gearbox and power steering that allow him to execute swerves and three point turns.

Benedict Brogan

… yet again I find myself pondering adding a “No shit Sherlock” category… maybe more decorously listed as “I told you so” or some such.

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Paul Marks

    Agreed Perry – however, politically this is the only GOOD thing about Mr Cameron.

    Think – would it be better if he was a man of principle, if one considers the principles he was taught?

    David Cameron has a First Class Degree in PPE from Oxford – the only way he can have that is if he absorbed (and trotted out at exam time) a lot of total shit.

    Would you prefer him to really believe all this shit (to be a man of principle about it), or to be a rather shifty character who will turn in the wind?

    Let us hope that the winds (the political pressures of time and place) turn him in a smaller government direction.

    A thin hope I know – but better than Cameron-as-man-of-principle considering (I repeat) the principles he has been taught.

  • Nuke Gray

    You only want a cast-iron conviction politician if they are 100% right all the time about everything! How many politicians are that right, all the time? I don’t know of any!

  • Carswell’s Lament pretty much sums things up really.

  • Or even “we told you so”, Perry.

  • WB

    U-turns. Hmmm. Just like Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s weak coalition with Greens and a sawmiller’s handful of nutty Independents in Oz.

  • Paul Marks

    Ian B. – yes.

  • Tedd

    Reminds me of the great line from Sir Humphrey Appleby about “intellectual suppleness and moral manoeuvrability.”