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Samizdata quote of the day

“Not for to hide in a hedge,
Not for a train attendant,
But for the glorious privilege
Of being independent.”

Robert Burns.

As quoted in The Constitution of Liberty, FA Hayek, page 118.

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  • Nuke Gray

    It’s a good thing he’s deceased, or he’d be had up for sedition! And would Benjamin Franklin be considered a subversive, in today’s America?

  • Laird

    Burns was partial to liberty.

    “A fig for those by law protected!
    Liberty’s a glorious feast!
    Courts for Cowards were erected,
    Churches built to please the Priest.”

  • Does this have something to do with boats?

  • You are wrong about the page number. It is 103 not 118. Unless you have some edition I am not aware of.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Nick, in my book which I am looking at it is page 118, chapter 8. My edition is a paperback by Routlege Kegan Paul. I am looking at the page as I type these words.

    I actually take great care to get this right, so I was mortified to think I made a mistake, but I haven’t.

    My copy says ISBN: 071008518 4

  • Ok fair enough, it seems just different editions with different pagination then, mine is Routledge Classics 2006, the ISBN & other details are the same as in your amazon link.