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Hit me hard and hit me quick

The subject hierarchy in mainstream media is a clear tool for editorial mischief. No doubt the website designers will argue that their pathways are efficient and designed to assist readers to the most appropriate subject. Inbuilt bias does not exist, and you tag the BBC especially for this. Sometimes irony can ensue, such as the Grauniad pairing “environmental” and “nuclear”.

Only this newspaper could render the sour grapes of subsidy junkies newsworthy. Let’s hear the renewable energy mewl and whine because they do not get enough money:

The developments are likely to fuel concerns among the many environmental campaigners who oppose nuclear power that the industry has unfair access to the government, as well as benefiting from hidden subsidies.

“They [government] have to come clean about all the money spent on assisting nuclear – and this would be part of that,” said Mike Childs, head of climate campaigns for Friends of the Earth. “It’s important ministers come clean about who they are meeting, when they are meeting, and the issues they are discussing.”

After all, green lobbyists derive all of their financing from voluntary donations, so they would have us believe. In reality, the renewable energy industry and its lobbyists require subsidies to survive. So does nuclear energy.

Itis particularly telling when they weep because their quango constituency is whittled down to one. The Chicken Littles wail that the sky has fallen because they have to compete on a level playing field of one quango each:

Concern about the preferential treatment given to the nuclear industry by successive governments is likely to be heightened by the decision last month to abolish the parallel Renewables Energy Board, which met every quarter at the department and once a year outside, as part of spending cuts. The work of the renewables board will be taken on by the Office for Renewable Energy Deployment, for which there is a parallel Office for Nuclear Development.

There would have been a time when the Guardian, in its liberal days, could have stepped back from a story of quango competition and included the question: is this a good use of public money? The prevailing philosophy of the newspaper still recognised a link between tax and accountability. Not an argument that we could agree with but one that we could recognise.

What has changed over the last few years is the sense of entitlement from public sector professionals and their media sympathisers. State expenditure is unquestioned and arguments arise over the disposal of the spoils. The immoral, debauched class of New Labour becomes more visible at a time of illusionary restraint on the part of the Coalition.

4 comments to Hit me hard and hit me quick

  • wag

    Oh are they still making newspapers?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Another publication that is starting to seriously piss me off is Wired, the techie magazine. Nowadays, almost every edition has at least two articles with a green theme, going on about stuff such as clean cars, Green “banks”, etc, etc. And even more straightfoward articles about gadgets contain little homilies about energy efficiency and the like. And the financial reasons are obvious: there is now a lot of money in this stuff and the backers advertise in places such as Wired.

  • RAB

    Subsidies? What subsidies?

    I thought the Coagulation has said that there will be no subsidies for Nuclear Power?

    I havent heard the Greenies bleating about the unfairness of this though…


    How’s that for insanity on stilts!

  • Philip,
    You remind me of a line from Chesterton…

    “It is the duty of the wealthy man to make work for the artisan”.

    It’s from something he wrote about a rich miser who decided to re-wire his own house and wound-up (apologies to Walt Whitman) “singing the body electric”.

    It is a long-standing conviction of mine that we are ruled by nerds who were duffers at sums so went into politics. Hell’s teeth I even recall Maggie Thatcher getting stick for having a chemistry degree. Alaso there were mutterings about her being from Oop North. Yeah, that really washed with me. She was from Grantham which to someone like me from Gateshead is almost sub-tropical.

    We have a terrible snobbery in this country about technical skills. Yes, I may be a mere techie but when that deadline is looming and your network is down who d’ya call?