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Samizdata quote of the day


– Richard Cobden (1804-1865), quoted at the Cobden Centre website. Quoted again by Steven Baker MP at the end of his presentation this morning to the Libertarian Alliance, and featured in his final slide, of which the above is my somewhat wonky photo.

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  • AKM

    A de-wonkified version (thanks to the magic of Photoshop) if you want:


  • Brian is blogging from his laptop directly from the conference. I think he may be forgiven for minimal photoshopping.

  • Paul Marks

    And remember Richard Cobden was “mainstream” in his day.

    Even a Governor of the Bank of England (contrary to lure of power) sided with the anti bailout and anti maniulation opinions of Richard Cobden – rather than with the opinions of Walter Bagehot.

    Although, of course, even Bagehot looks like a moderate compared to the crackbrained degenerates who now control the magazine he once edited – the “Economist”, and its twin publication the “Financial Times”.